Kumbakonam is a lovely sanctuary town in the core of the Thanjavur locale of Tamil Nadu which is sandwiched between the two incredible streams of Southern India, Cauvery, and Arsala. Here are some Popular Temples in Kumbakonam, For admirers of history and those trying to get Hinduism and India's legendary roots, Kumbakonam offers a delighted excursion. Aside from numerous lovely sanctuaries in Kumbakonam, the town is known for its stupendous celebration called Mahamaham celebration which is praised at regular intervals at the Mahamaham Tank. The spot is accepted to be the place the pot (Kumbham) containing the nectar of life was spilled by Shiva. Kumbakonam is one of the noticeable sanctuary towns in the Cauvery area and has the heavenly tank of Mahamaham. The town is fixed with vivid gopurams of various sanctuaries and is likewise a noticeable spot for strict examinations. From Cholas to Pandyas to Marathas to the British, the town was under different leaders throughout the long term. Despite the fact that there are in excess of 80 sanctuaries spread over the town of Kumbakonam, here is a rundown of the mainstream ones which are an unquestionable requirement visit.