The lotus flower is used in Asia as a sign of rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. The lotus flower in Buddhism symbolizes innocence, elegance, and spiritual awakening. During meditation, they are believed to relax the mind.

The time before enlightenment will be represented by a closed bud and a lotus in full bloom represents people who have completed their self-realization and enlightenment path. Several gods and goddesses are represented in the Hindu faith with a lotus flower, symbolizing good fortune, eternity, and prosperity, as well as illumination and purity.

In so many cultures, the reason a lotus flower reflects purity is that the petals never enter the muddy waters under them. One of the most significant religious symbols was the Lotus Flower in Ancient Egypt. The light, rebirth, and regeneration are thought to signify it. Throughout Egyptian art, lotus flowers are popular and were often used by pharaohs for their healing and regeneration properties.

It is quite easy to see why one of the most common symbols used in jewelry remains the lotus. This symbol remains universal for all, regardless of your religious or spiritual affiliation.

Here are several ways the lotus jewelry can be worn:

Lotus Pendant

It is an excellent way of keeping the flower's significance close to your heart. There are various forms in which the flower is portrayed in jewelry, whether dramatic or subtle, so you will have several choices from which to select.

While the open lotus is the most frequent choice for pendants, as you can observe in the amazing moonstone pendant, you can also opt for a lotus bud for a unique take on lotus jewelry. The lotus bud symbolizes the willingness to flourish that you can understand in many ways, ready to be independent, to learn, to travel, to walk your own path.

Lotus Ring

It is ideal to wear the lotus on a ring if you want to see the piece of jewelry continuously. A ring is pretty obvious, unlike a pendant, where you have to take it in your hand to look at it. You can opt for a cocktail ring or something more delicate, such as the unique stylized gold lotus ring.

Lotus Earrings

Unless you look in a mirror, you will not be able to see your own lotus earrings; they will certainly add style to your look and be noticeable to everyone else. You will find a pair to suit your style, whether it is studs, dangles, or bold statement earrings.

You may be wondering if the lotus symbol should be worn, seeing as it has strong ties to many Eastern religions and you are not part of those religions. It is a legitimate concern, but the lotus is a universal symbol that is important to remember.

It isn't limited to only a few religions. The symbolism of the lotus, important to human life and human nature, may all be linked to anyone. Whatever your faith or values might be, if you relate to or admire its symbolism, there is no excuse not to wear the lotus.