How to choose baby bedding

The crib is one of the most important elements of the furniture that our baby will use since many hours will be spent sleeping in it. Choosing the right crib linen will help maintain your comfort during sleep. Since it will be in contact with your skin, it is preferable that it is made with natural fabrics such as cotton. Soft-touch and easy to wash and dry is the best option.

Tips for buying crib bedding for your child

Crib clothes for baby

The crib textile consists of several elements:

- Sheets: they will touch the baby directly, so you must monitor their condition correctly, make them very soft, and do not use products for washing that can irritate the sensitivity of their skin. The fitted sheet is preferable that is adjustable and that it fits perfectly on the mattress so that there are no wrinkles that can bother you.

Many sets come with a pillowcase, use it without it, babies do not need pillows but it will be good if the child spits up or drools because changing it is easier.

There are currently some so-called 'safety' sheets in which the child has freedom of movement but remains wrapped up all night to prevent it from getting cold.

- Blankets: use the appropriate fabric for each season, that is, fleece blankets are very warm for winter, but in summer they can be excessive and raise the baby's body temperature. Make sure they are well fitted and do not dance excessively. If the child moves a lot, he can roll with them and be harmful.

- Bedspread, duvet, or duvet cover: if you use them with padding, it is probably not necessary to use the blankets because they will generate too much heat. The designs are very varied. Make sure that if they have ties or buttons they are very secure so that the child does not suffer an accident when swallowing one that comes off.

- Nordic sacks: these are elements that fit perfectly into the crib and are attached to the sheet with a zipper. For children who move a lot, they are useful so that they do not uncover at night. They usually have padding and be removable so you can use them in winter and summer.

- Chichonera or protector: it is the piece that is placed on the bars of the crib to avoid the blows that the child can live with his head. It must be well attached and if it has ties or buttons be careful that they do not come off easily.