The air conditioner is an electronic home appliance which enables the cool air to release it from its inside and make the surrounding atmosphere very cool AC is used for both domestic and commercial purposes nowadays we can find ac everywhere it is created for human comfort and really by the invention of ac the tensions regarding ac has literally gone is due to ac only by which we can find relaxation and feel cool also in summer seasons. These days not only in summer seasons but ac is also used in various seasons where people have enclosed spaces or areas. LG AC Service Center in Adyar

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· AC Gas Refilling

· Compressor Replacement

· Outdoor &indoor Condenser repair and replaces

· PCB electronics power board repair and replaces

· Capacitor 40 MFD-50 MFD-60 MFD-80 MFD all models Replacements

· Air Conditioner any spare repair and replacement

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