The principle of ac depends on the vapor cycle which compresses the heat and sends out the warm heat outside the room by a fan and provides conditioned air we all know that repairing an ac means it costs very high so before it gets damaged we should maintain it properly and service it at proper intervals so as a machine or gadget it is compulsory that it may get damaged or shows some problems which you need to repair it if you neglect the problems that arise in your ac then you could be in a problem further so as soon as you notice the problems in your appliance you need to inform the service center-so that your problem can be solved and your appliances could start working normally. LG AC Service Center in Alandur

·         AC installation & uninstallation

·         AC Gas Refilling

·         Compressor Replacement

·         Outdoor &indoor Condenser repair and replaces

·         PCB electronics power board repair and replaces

·         Capacitor 40 MFD-50 MFD-60 MFD-80 MFD all models Replacements

·         Air Conditioner any spare repair and replacement

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