Technology has managed to revolutionize a lot of things, including the things that provide us with entertainment. Among these is the emergence of online casinos that are available on sites like bitcasinoio


With a myriad of slots and live table games from various game providers, a player can only be grateful with the advancements that have been made. However, some may wonder how these online sites had managed to stream the live table games effectively while still letting them bet realtime. 


With that, let us have a quick glimpse of the amazing technology that made online casinos happen. 


Their technology 

Analyzing how slots were made possible is quite easy. What comes off as a bit tricky is how live table games take place effectively. 


Generally, the technology being used in the game is called the Optical Character Recognition (OCR). With the help of this technology, players can take part in live casino action with the help of a live dealer. Despite being a special technology, the results of the game are still determined by a real human instead of the computers. 


It is also with this technology that the players are able to place their bets in the gaming room. With the OCR, every action and detail in the gaming room (or the studio, in this case) will be recorded for the players to see. 

The equipment

Using a special technology doesn’t necessarily imply that computers will be in charge of all the work that needs to be done. In fact, using the OCR requires more staff to operate the technology being used. 


Here are some of the equipment that they use. 


To make table games possible, game providers make use of at least three cameras to make a live stream better. Unlike before, new cameras that come in smaller sizes had also emerged to make streams more efficient. 

The role of these cameras are: 

  • For overview
  • For the wheel
  • In-picture display


It is with the monitor that the developers can monitor what their players can see on their screens. The presence of a monitor also helps a dealer keep track of the bets that had been placed. Also, this equipment helps the dealer know who among their players are online. So, if they wish to engage in a live chat, the monitor can also be useful. 


Game Control Unit 

The Game Control Unit is most probably the most important component in the live casino. In fact, every table has a GCU attached to it as it is the one required to encode the video for broadcast. Simply put, a live table game will not be possible without the GCU. 

The staff

Of course, there needs to be some people in order to run the broadcast and the game itself. With that, here are some of the most important roles that can make these games possible. 


  • Dealer
  • Cameramen
  • Information technology manager
  • Pit boss
  • And many more.