Have you ever thought about the user base you can gain for an app that allows users to bet on all their favorite sports? As you start wondering, this blog will have the answer for it. On being an established sport betting brand in the market, you can gain customers from across the world in no time. The number of registered users you acquire will multiple N times more than you had expected. So, you enter into this industry and generate all the revenue you need with a whitelabel sports betting app development solution.

Suggesting a few features that you can add to your betting solution:

When building an app for sports betting, you need to include a standard list of attributes to the app, as mentioned below:

Live score update:

Users should be updated about the score of each match they follow from time to time via instant notifications or alerts.

Instant statistics:

Statistics based on player performance, previous matches, etc., should be provided to the users to help them with betting on the winning outcome.

Scheduled matches:

Users should be allowed to schedule any matches or tournaments in their calendar. They will be reminded about the match via push notifications or text messages.

Multiple-currency mode:

Users must be able to place their bets via the app using fiat currency or cryptocurrency. This option will enable an increased number of users to place bets quickly.


Users should be allowed to know any tips or the latest updates about the betting market.

Multi-language app:

The app should be viewed in any language of the users’ choice. It will enable app access to your global users.


As per your betting business requirements, you can also suggest a few other features to the team available at the sports betting software development company you choose. Make sure that you provide an error-free betting experience via your platform to your users.