Televisions play a significant role in releasing stress from your mind. Not only is it a stress-reliever, but it also keeps you up to date with the latest news updates, information about the latest techniques, and it entertains you in all aspects. Various companies manufacture different kinds of televisions with varying sizes of screens. Nowadays, it is hard to take out time for watching a movie in theaters, so people want to enjoy their favorite movies and shows according to their convenience at their home with the help of big-screen TVs. If you have ample space at your home for a big-screen television, you can purchase one from the list of various TVs.

Here are some of the best 65-inch TVs ideal for your home.

Sony XBR-65A8H Bravia

Sony XBR-65A8H Bravia is an excellent Android-based smart television for your home. It comes with a 65-inch big screen that gives you a theater-like experience at your home. It also comes with in-built powerful speakers, which deliver excellent sound quality. It is a super-thin TV that has a 4K resolution for great clarity. It is a 65-inch OLED TV that comes with an X1 Ultimate processor for better performance. It also supports Dolby Vision and has an in-built Google Chromecast.

Samsung Q900TS

Samsung Q900TS is one of the best smart TVs from Samsung. It comes with a large 65-inch screen that has 8K (7860 x 4320) resolution. It shows you incredible pictures with the help of a powerful Quantum 8K processor. This 8K smart TV with Infinity Screen also comes with Object Motion Tracking+ sound array. It works on Tizen smart platform and therefore provides a fantastic movie experience at your home. It also has a wide variety of picture modes, which is another feature that can be added to the list of its advanced features. If you plan to purchase a big-screen television from Samsung for your home, this TV is a perfect choice for you.


LG 65CXPUA is one of the best big-screen smart TVs from LG. It is a 4K smart OLED TV, a very thin TV for a more stylish look. It comes with an Alpha 9 Generation 3 intelligent processor that delivers stunning performance. It is a 65-inch wide-screen smart TV that comes with a wide variety of features. This TV is perfect for gaming as well. It has a webOS interface along with stunning picture quality. It is another best 65-inch smart TV that is ideal for your home.

After discussing some of the best 65-inch smart TVs, we have concluded that there are various wide-screen televisions available in the market, but it is hard to choose the best out of them. All of the above-discussed televisions are best-in-class wide-screen TVs that are ideal for your home. If you are planning to purchase a smart TV for your home that will give you a theater-like experience at your home, you can choose any of the above-discussed TVs according to your choice and budget.

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