When it comes to using a web browser, most people stick to the popularly known ones such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox. But there is a huge variety of browsers available these days. Because these browsers are not as famous as the conventional ones, most people assume them to be unreliable when the truth is quite the opposite. The unknown browsers are equally unique, safe, secure, and some of them even protect your identity. If you want to explore some interesting web browsers on your Windows desktop, the following list will interest you:

Torch Browser

The Torch is one of the most trusted browsers and is fun to use due to its features. It allows you to save audio and video from the web using the integrated Media Grabber. It also has a built-in torrent manager that makes downloading the torrent files simple, so you can download torrents without getting any additional software. You can even manage your torrent downloads straight from your browser. It also includes its own media player, so now, you wouldn’t have to wait for the torrent to finish downloading. You can start watching it while downloading it. Use the Game button to play free games instantly without waiting for downloads or signing into an account.


Maxthon is a super-fast dual rendering web browser that displays pages in no time. It offers a smart switch between Webkit and Trident while balancing the read speed and multi-element page content very smoothly. You can easily download videos on the web for offline viewing at any time. You can also download pictures and music at a super-fast speed. Since it is a cloud browser, it offers cloud services that make it convenient to use.


Midori is a lightweight, fast, and free web browser that respects the privacy of its users by not collecting any personal information. It doesn’t even sell invasive advertisements so that you can always have control over your data, privacy, security. You can even use it on your smartphone and personalize your experience. It uses DuckDuckGO to maintain your privacy and anonymity. It offers an integration service called Astian Cloud that helps synchronize your history, information, and privacy and offers end-to-end encryption.


The Vivaldi browser protects its users from trackers, blocks unwanted ads, and puts them in control with their unique built-in features. You can sync your bookmarks, passwords, extensions, and more across all your devices. All the data will remain safe and encrypted on your device using a password, and it will never reach Vivaldi. It gives you full control of how you want the display and interacts with tabs. You can select many tabs, apply commands to all, display tabs side by side, display tabs vertically, and much more.


Yandex is a fast and pretentious browser that extends its support to Windows 7 or later. It has a unique Protect technology shields the employees from dangers on the Internet and blocks dangerous websites and files. It also keeps payments secure, protects against data theft, and hides nasty ads. You can configure Yandex for your organization by adding a corporate website to the main screen, enabling extensions, setting group policies, and installing the browser on all computers via the MSI package. You can even customize the visual bookmarks, background, start page, and more. It offers built-in protection against viruses and phishing.

Epic Privacy Browser

The Epic browser is a private, secure web browser that blocks ads, trackers, fingerprinting, crypto mining, ultrasound signaling, and more. It can stop and block more than 600 tracking attempts in an average browsing session. It blocks fingerprinting scripts and functions like image canvas data access to protect you from being tracked by your ISP, hackers, etc. It can also block as many tracking methods as possible without ‘breaking the internet,’ and every blockage promises to speed up your browsing experience. This browser is powered by chromium like chrome for fantastic performance and rendering. You can download audio and video from YouTube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Facebook, and other sites without compromising your privacy.

Slim Browser

Slim is a very simple yet powerful, fast, and secure browser that also blocks ads. Since you cannot see any ads on this browser, your file downloading time will increase ten times. It offers a fully customizable toolbar and mouse gesture support to let you work more in less time. You can install more plugins and themes from its online add-on library for more functionality, styles, and customization. It also eliminates obtrusive ad images from the web pages and protects your eyes from soreness and bandwidth.

These were some of the web browsers that are worth your time. All of these have proven to keep your data and privacy safe. Some of these don’t even keep your data record on their servers, so you can rely on them for safety and browse anything you prefer.

Source: Best Web Browsers for Windows Users