Fuel Injection Systems Market experienced a remarkable growth in the past few years as a result of increasing environmental regulations and concerns relating to carbon emissions. The fuel injection market is anticipated to witness a rapid growth due to consequent requirement for passenger cars, growing population, and better lifestyles. Fuel injections are important constituents in every automotive engine which controls and monitors the quantity of fuel incoming the engine cylinders in accordance with the necessities. The purpose of fuel injection system is to enhance and regulate the air/fuel ratio which comes into the engine of vehicles.


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The key driving factors responsible for the growth of Fuel Injection Systems market :


The fuel injection system comprises of sensors and electronic components. It should be well regulated to take full advantage of the efficiency and engine power and to diminish consumption of gases. Gasoline direct injection is an innovative system of injection for gasoline engines and provides enhanced performances and huge reductions in fuel emission and consumption. Fuel injection systems of the cars having gasoline engines are generally secondary and gasoline is being inserted into the inlet port or inlet manifold instead of injecting straight into the combustion chambers. This process helps in ensuring that the fuel is mixed well with the air prior to its entering into the chambers. However, majority of the diesel engines implement the direct injection system. In direct injection, diesel is directly made to enter into the cylinder that is filled with compressed air. Contemporary fuel injection systems along with controlling the movement of fuel, also offer supplementary functions which include pilot, multiple, rate scheduling (shaping) and post injections, which is estimated to contribute fundamentally to the market growth. Several other factors which are expected to be vital for the demand of global fuel injection systems include increased output, reliability and efficiency. The global demand for the market is projected to increase as the fuel injected engines are considerably stress-free to get going, not needing any choke and furthermore saves fuel.


As the diesel fuel injection systems market has witnessed a growth, the market for passenger cars using diesel has also undergone a significant increase worldwide. Adding to it, since the fuel injection systems of 150cc and less has seen huge developments, it has given great opportunities to the two-wheelers for tapping into the market. Furthermore, additional developments in the global fuel injection systems market is expected to drive the demand for the overall market. However, factors including growing difficulties in service and huge costs of maintenance are anticipated to obstruct the global fuel injection systems market growth. Rise in hydrocarbons which are not burnt might also increase the rates of emission. This is expected to hamper the growth of global fuel injection systems market. Furthermore, continuously fluctuating prices of the raw materials is also expected to hamper the growth of Tier I suppliers.


The global fuel injection systems market are used in vehicles such as commercial, buses, two wheelers, passenger and heavy trucks. Passenger car segment witnessed the highest rate of growth due to growing need for personal conveyance and increasing per capita income. On the basis of engine types, the market is segmented into diesel and gasoline, with over all preference given to the gasoline technology as a result of environmental concerns and fuel efficiency. Fuel injection systems market has several technologies such as direct injection of diesel, direct injection of gasoline and port injection. Additionally, on the basis of components, fuel injections systems include pressure regulators, injectors, high pressure pumps and ECU.


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