TRS Group, a 100% employee-owned company with joint ventures in Brazil, China and Europe, is the leading provider of thermal remediation technologies for the in situ treatment of soils, groundwater and bedrock and the ex-situ treatment of soil piles and dredged sediment. We excel at the quick cleaning of contaminated sites, often guaranteeing results, putting them back into productive reuse. Our focus is on reducing the costs of thermal remediation for the benefit of our clients, employees, shareholders and the general public. Our people are customer-focused and passionate about their work.

Why Consider Thermal Remediation

Remediating the subsurface environment can be a daunting challenge, as subsurface heterogeneity and groundwater flow dynamics make it extremely difficult to contact the contamination with remediation fluids. Further, simply digging it up and hauling it away can be prohibitively expensive.

Heating the subsurface essentially eliminates these issues, as we know how to apply heating technologies in very complex environments, including all types of soil and rock. We routinely reduce contaminant concentrations by more than 99% and guarantee results.

Target contaminants include chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, PAHs, pesticides, energetic compounds and PFAS.

Thermal remediation is certain, safe and fast. In fact, we guarantee it.