No doubt, spring and summertime not only brings new development and warm weather but factually, it is the most definite time for tourists and natives to be out and about. So, it is that time of year when outsides’ dust and filth gets tracked on to the expensive Persian carpets. Sadly, the dust and grime on the carpet badly affect its vibrant colour and can have an undesirable impact on your health (dusty carpet welcomes allergens).

Do you know a surprising fact that most of the wool rugs obstruct substantial dirt before you even notice it? So, this dusty carpet mainly impinges on the overall quality of the carpet’s fibre. Indeed, it is not easier to see dust and grime on the carpet, but it is always preferable to clean Persian rugs more often.

Nevertheless, it is quite challenging to remove filth out of the dusty carpet like a pro. That’s why; it is always recommended to hire professional Persian Carpet Cleaning Toronto to experience desired results without any damage.

The present discussion mainly covers the details about the Persian carpet and the ideal time to clean it.

Save Your Investment

No denial, Persian carpets are expensive as they are the key attraction of the room.An attractive and alluring Persian carpet always glorifies the exquisiteness of the place. That’s why; they are quite posh and classy as compared to other rugs, and people buy them as a long term investment. Blissfully, a premium quality Persian carpet can last longer if you take care of it properly.

It is preferable and advantageous to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to clean your Persian carpet after 2 to 3 years. However, the ultimate decision of cleaning this luxurious carpet entirely depends on some other factors including traffic on the carpet, location, usage and some other significant aspects.

If you are uncertain about the condition of your Persian carpet (whether it requires proper cleanliness or not) then surely the following steps can help you in making the eventual decision.

· Gently rub a lightly dampened cloth on the surface of the rug. Repeat the process for 3 to 4 times. If the fabric shows dust on it, then indeed it is the right time to clean your rug properly. Remember; don’t use excess water on the carpet as it can affect the overall colours and carpet’s quality.

· Choose any of the rug’s corners and kick the underneath. For a dusty carpet, it is better to take professional assistance.

· Turn the carpet upside down and observe the condition of the carpet. If you feel its dirty, then think about cleaning it immediately.

Is it Better to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners to Clean Persian Rug?

No doubt, cleaning your carpet at home isn’t much expensive as you don’t require the latest tools and equipment for this purpose. But, everyone knows that Persian carpets are costly, and they need additional care. It is your choice; you can follow some DIY techniques to clean your Persian rugs. But keep one thing in mind that you can make inevitable mistakes while cleaning the carpet by yourself. For instance, wool rugs require proper skill and care to be dried correctly. Otherwise; amateurish handling damages the carpet’s fibre.

However, you can consider the surface cleaning of the carpet without hiring professionals, but everything must be done cautiously. But bear in mind there is a NO substitute of professional rug cleaning services.

You can keep your Persian rug in good condition for decades if you care for it accurately. However, it never lasts longer if you overlook its appropriate maintenance. Professional Persian Rug Cleaners know how to remove dust out of the carpet like a pro. Moreover, they use the latest tools, equipment and skills to preserve the overall beauty of the rug for a longer time.

How Often Should You Clean Your Persian Rug?

We understand the fact that hiring professionals an expensive investment and you can’t hire them more often. However, you must clean it periodically to eradicate the dust out of it.

So, if you have placed your Persian carpet in a highly-traffic room then you need to clean it frequently, Similarly, if your kids and pets love to sit on the classy Persian rug, then it is better to clean the carpet once a month.

A dusty carpet can cause allergies and other diseases, so clean it up to spend a healthier life.

Final Words

So, don’t you think hiring professional Persian carpet cleaning company can maintain the quality of your Persian rug for a longer time? But before you hire a professional team; it is strongly recommended to check their overall experience and core competencies. Otherwise, you can waste your valuable time. The amateur company can damage your aristocratic rug’s fibre, so think wisely before you hire them.

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