Do not miss out on the opportunity to transform your life by participating in a beauty pageant. Specially designed for married women across the globe, Mrs India International is a beauty pageant that will give you a chance to step out of the home and live the life of your dreams. The pageant is open for women of all ages across the world. Once you register for the pageant, you will be called for MRS India auditions and then you will have to undergo a 3-day training. You will be trained by the best in the industry and it will be a chance to learn all about the modeling industry.

Mrs India International offers a chance to all married women to live the life of their dreams. We often forget about ourselves after marriage are are constantly trying to be the best wife, best daughter in law and the best mother. Do you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder how all the years passed by? You are not alone. But you are getting a chance that many others might not. Hence, do not miss this opportunity and fill the registration form today. The Mrs India prize money is INR 1 lakh for the winner and INR 50,000 for the runner up. There is no swimsuit round in the contest. You will receive expert training about how to present yourself and how to walk on the ramp. You will be trained for the big day so that you look nothing short of a Queen.

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