I know I know why you would pay when there is tons of free stock photography out there! The sources are endless for good stock. You’ve got South Africa Flat Lay Photography, of course, which is the industry giant when it comes to free stock. And then, several subscription-based stock models offer more focused imagery and even some templates.

The problem is, everyone can use those photos. Unsplash is great, but we’re starting to see the same images over and over because they are free to use for anything. Some of the paid options have overlapping images because once you buy that image, they don’t take it down. Anyone else can also buy it.

If you want to have a truly custom look and branding on your website, investing in a set of flat lays like this can help make your brand unique and stand apart from the crowd.

Know how to style your photography?

You don’t have to! That’s where a good photographer comes in! When working with Photoshoot Studios in Cape Town, you can rely on their expertise to guide me in the process. They have a set of products in mind, and we also hop on an intro call to talk about the brand. Of course, it helps to have:

  • Your brand color palette
  • A vision board of items that you like to show the photographer
  • Know what items you are promoting (courses, downloads, etc.)
  • Think about what items complement your brand, like notebooks, printed items, office supplies, etc
  • Think about what visuals complement your brand. Now is a great time to work on an icon, a pattern you love or think about what books feel like they’re “you.”

Know how to use your flat lay photography?

Its best if you comb through your website to determine what pages could use photography, and if they already have photography, which pages could have that photography replaced with custom flat lays.

During my process, you might need flat lays for your homepage, all of the courses, for your blogging content, and some to pocket for future use. I made a spreadsheet of where I needed to use all of these photos and made sure they were communicated to the photographer.