If you are planning to travel to Hong Kong then you can book flight tickets in the Cathay pacific Airlines which are based in Hong Kong only. All you have to do is go to the website of the airline and then follow the online instructions to make the flight reservations and you would be done.

Steps to book flights in the Cathay Pacific Airlines

1.To book flights in the Cathay Pacific Airlines, first of all open the website of the airline and tap on the booking section.

2.Now move to the booking page and then fill out all the details related to the reservations.

3.Start with the flight destination where you want to travel and then mention where you are traveling.

4.Now pick the dates on which you are traveling and select if you are making one way flight reservations or two way booking.

5.Moving to the next option, pick how you would like to pay for your flight booking out of cash, card or the miles. You can even use the voucher or promo code if you have to get some flight discounts.

6.You can also reserve your own seats before the flight departure to ensure that you travel comfortably. Meanwhile you can also mention how many people are traveling altogether.

7.And once you have filled out all the flight details then tap on the search option and then make the flight payment and the reservations would be confirmed.

8.You can call on the helpline number of the airlines and then confirm the flight booking.

And that’s how Cathay Pacific Air booking will be confirmed. Contact us on: +1-877-696-0333