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Chen wa Landscape is a full service, integrated Landscape Contractor. We design, install and maintain innovative, sustainable green spaces to bring serenity and comfort to your open spaces.

What is Our Process

We understand the nuances included in designing the perfect Landscaped spaces that suits your premise’s architectural fair. That’s why we always start with a detailed discussion to understand your space, your desire and your expectation before every design journey. Feel free to innovate with us as we are as flexible as possible for your needs.

Latest News and Updates

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About Our Company

Chen Wa Landscape Pte. Ltd. was formed in 1995, then of Chen Wa Trading Pte. Ltd. (1985– 1995). Chen Wa Landscape Pte. Ltd. is an independent organization and has accumulated considerable experience in multi-discipline landscape works and management. gardening service singapore

Chen Wa Landscape Pte. Ltd. is staffed with a team of professionals and skilled workers representing many areas of expertise, including landscape design and landscape maintenance team. Chen Wa Landscape Pte. Ltd. experience in landscape management and design is very extensive and has been our ‘mainstay’ in landscape development since 1995.

Professionals and skilled workers

Landscape Management / Maintenance

Bio-Filtrations system,ornamental plants arrangements,sales and plant rental

Chen Wa Landscape enters a new phase in her transformation with a new member in her top management. With Phylicia’s entry into the management, Chen Wa has gained another competency to add to her current set. Chen Wa will now be able to provide arboriculture advise, professional, independent and accurate.

Many people consider the sole benefit of hiring a grounds management and landscaping company to be the increased visual appeal of their yard. While this is one important advantage to having professional landscapers, there are, in fact, many other benefits. One of the most significant is the fact that a well designed and maintained landscape can dramatically increase the property value of your home. Some experts estimate that the value can be increased by 100 or even 200 percent. For those who are looking to sell their homes, employing a grounds management company can be an investment that pays for itself many times over.


A professionally designed and maintained landscape offers improvements relevant to both those seeking to sell their properties and those who plan to remain there for the foreseeable future. Designating areas of your yard to function as different outside rooms can vastly increase the functional square footage of a home. Separate spaces can be set aside for cooking, eating and various forms of entertainment or recreation. This aspect is, of course, dependent on the climate and seasons, and is more practical in certain regions than others. gardening service singapore

Recent research has shown that living near areas with many trees, bushes and other plants has important health benefits. These include psychological matters such as reduced levels of stress and anxiety and increased levels of satisfaction and well-being. However, they also include physical benefits, such reduced risk of heart disease, and faster recovery time from injuries and illnesses. Putting more trees and plants around a home has the potential to improve the health and well-being of the residents of that home, and possibly the neighbors as well.

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