India is an agrarian nation. Agriculture & allied industry plays a pivotal role in building up the Indian Economy. About 55% of the population is involved in Rural farming and agricultural related activities. Leaders come and go but the life of the farmer involved typically in the agricultural activity hasn't changed much. Ansio Fresh, the Online Supermarket in Chennai has come up with an innovative & sustainable strategy to improve the lives of the rural population.

Farmers contribute a huge proportion to the growth of the agricultural Industry. In day-to-day life, farmers face many problems in terms of bad weather, monsoon failure, pest menace, unavailability of the labor force, the low market price for the produce.

Farming is the lifeline of rural society for many countries in the world. Industrialization and modernization have forced the farmers to sell their farmlands and migrate to urban areas to find stable employment.

The need for sustainable Farming:

Any sudden change in the farming sector will indirectly impact the rural economy, which in turn affects the overall GDP growth of our country. Modern-day farmers adapt to new farming methods and technologies not to make a profit but just to survive! 

Large Population to Feed:

The size of the Farming community is shrinking day by day. As the migration continues towards Urban jobs, a small number of farmers are forced to produce much to feed many. Farmers face hard blocks to cultivate and feed many but live a poor life with no food to feed themselves.! 

The role of Ansio Fresh in Rural Development Through Sustainable Farming:

Farmers no longer gain anything from selling their produce. Due to the lack of time and knowledge, Farmers are not able to market their products and sell them at a premium price through value addition. In most cases, middlemen make an easy profit. 

The future depends upon the sustainable work we do today! 

Ansio Fresh supports rural farmers in educating what to cultivate and how to cultivate for the people in metropolitan areas to consume. Ansio Fresh Best Online grocery Store in Chennai sells freshly harvested fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, collected directly from these farmers, and delivered to the consumers on the same day.

We follow a top-down approach to the promotion of sustainable development in the farming sector. The top-down approach is nothing but "Producing what would be consumed". Result in zero wastage and absolute utilization through Online Grocery Delivery in Chennai.

Happy Farmers & Satisfied Consumers:

Pandemic has created huge awareness among the city dwellers.  Many have already switched towards consuming healthy & natural food for healthy living. As more and more consumers started looking for the farm-fresh and non-toxic fruits and vegetables, Ansio's Fresh from Farm to the Home concept has attracted many satisfied consumers to choose Ansio Fresh Online Supermarket in Chennai for their Veggies & daily grocery needs.

Ansio Fresh's direct farm produce procurement strategy turned out to be a profitable business for many farmers. Now many people who moved out of farming activity are returning back to the Agricultural industry. Ansio Fresh's "Farm to Home'' actions support rural development by providing employment and sustainability for the rural society. 

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