In this busy digital world, does one have time to succeed in bent your Email Contacts?

With thousands of individuals landing on your webpage and subscribing to the service you're providing,It is a tough task to manage thousands of consumers manually.

So the concept of automation came into digital marketing with autoresponders

So the concept of automation came into digital marketing with autoresponders, keeping your subscribers engaged.With this Article we will go through AWeber and GetResponse and AWeber vs GetResponse Pricing

Overview of Email Marketing | AWeber and GetResponse

Email Marketing Tools Like AWeber and GetResponse give an additional edge to efficiently manage your customers by making the contact list and creating a segment list.

As per the research, almost 4 billion people use email for professional and private use, an enormous percentage of the planet population is using email. Usage of emails showing how email marketing is influential and therefore the possibility of strong audience engagement.

Thus, Email marketing are often an ideal thanks to target and have interaction with valuable content.

Small Business Starters to business now focussing on with multiple tools for marketing,When it involves Email Marketing AWeber and GetResponse are popularly used email marketing tools across digital marketers and entrepreneurs

In the space of digital marketing ,both tools made the work flow easier,With many unique and advanced features.

How does one pick one out of AWeber and GetResponse,It are often a tough task with multiple common features.We got you covered to filter which is best,Let's dive in

Basics of AWeber and GetResponse!

AWeber and GetResponse are email marketing tools, but they take different approach of delivering the services with the technology they use for efficient delivery of the e-mail .


With 20 years within the Email Space,Aweber introduced the e-mail marketing tool to the planet . Current Customer Base of 100,000 with usage by Small Business To Big Agencies on a daily basis.


GetResponse also came into existence in 1998 same as Aweber ,GetResponse holds a customer base of 350,000 spread across 180+countries.

First Impression on both Email Marketing Tools are almost same, with established tools within the market and high usage.

Pricing : AWeber vs GetResponse

Pricing may be a major factor to make a decision on Email Marketing.

No one wants to spend extra money which isn't worth for, so let's examine the pricing structure.


Let's accompany GetResponse Pricing structure now

Pricing are often decided supported the e-mail Contacts you've got and frequency of payment you would like to try to to Like Monthly or yearly.

Opting for 12 months and 24 months plans will get upto 30% discount .

With basic 1000 subscribers,You have 3 plans to settle on from.


$15 per month: unlimited emails, automation templates ,landing pages,, surveys, forms, ads, and pop-ups.


$49 per month : Basic + list-building funnels, webinars for Limited attendees, e-product sales.


$99 per month :Plus + automation builder, contact tagging, paid webinars, funnels.

I am really surprised to ascertain Contact Tagging features on the upper Package,Usually this is often a basic functionally to segment the contacts.

Anyway ,you can get more advanced features like CRM, engaging tools, and popups with base plan

If you've got quite 100,000 subscribers, then your tag can go expensive,But value for money with Advanced Features with Support at its best.This package is an enterprise offer.

Another Point i really like most is 30 Days Free Trail That to without mastercard details, as GetResponse promotes "Get 30 Day Free Trail without Credit Card"

With Free Trail you'll be using all Features as per the plan you decide on ,You can test Basic decide to Professional plan which incorporates all advanced features.

Still feeling some lack in GetResponse,Then got to address Aweber Pricing Now.


Will start with Positive Note ,Aweber also gives 30 Days Free Trail.Yah Good start .

Adding another Unique feature Aweber Support Team is out there to assist you thru all the steps even in free trail also, which may be a rare situation.

Aweber allows 500 subscribers to use within the Free Trail with all the advanced features across all the plans, which is 1000 subscriber in GetResponse.

However,500 subscriber also fine to offer a radical test.

Nice ,once you trail completes, attractive 5 plans available to cater customers in the least levels.

The packages include:

$19 per month : 500 subscribers

$29 per month :2,500 subscribers

$49 per month : 5,000 subscribers

$69 per month :10,000 subscribers

$149 per month :25,000 subscribers

This plan is basically practical,Start with 19$,as the customer base grows can make plan adjustments accordingly

Who wins the Pricing Point:

Cost perspective ,GetResponse is 4$ cheaper on monthly plans compared to Aweber, But Features related Aweber hold the sting providing premium plan features and support during trail.

I will move the needle to Aweber, due to the features and price getting.

Design And Templates :Aweber vs GetResponse


GetResponse is nearly same because the Competitor Aweber. GetResponse comes with editable templates to form custom email template.But,GetResponse provides big selection of templates compared to Aweber ,GetResponse has 500+ Ready built templates with different color combination and layouts.

With big selection of templates,Each Campaign are going to be more attractive and more audience engaging.


But in Aweber, observed some restrictions as a part of template customization, but, GetResponse has unlimited editing options with buttons, layout changes, font size an color changes, if you're beginner this may give some additional advantage to make email campaigns quick.

To add more to GetResponse, it are often more customisable ,If you've got skills, can perform more customising options.With many options in GetResponse,You may not required to customize more. Once your email template is prepared , choice to test any spam checkers and A/B testing to analyse email campaign analysis.

Aweber Beside the attractive Design and templates of GetResponse,Aweber lacks behind to delivery template design to draw in email readers.

Aweber Templates are outdated ,but Aweber performing on to multiple models with advanced features, yet to return up.

Aweber also gives choice to start from scratch and choose template, which may be customized ,but customization is restricted to the available layout.But As a part of customization ,No choice to add social media icons.

Overall on Design and template part,Aweber Disappoints with very basic stuff.

Now GetResponse gets the winning torch.

Automation: Aweber vs GetResponse


Both GetResponse and Aweber offer high end Automations.

newsletters and emails are often triggered supported automation rules and alerts.

Here also GetResponse ,get little positive edge ,let us see why.

In GetResponse,As a part of Automating the autoresponders, also features a unique options of funnels.

Drip sequence is out there with flow of automation .

Multiple triggers are often used as a part of Automation, triggers like Email Opens,Link Clicks,Product Purchases.Abandoned Carts

For automated flow of email even have bunch of templates, can pick which inserts , if not with small customization .

You can create automation tasks for messages, page visits, subscriptions, engagement messages, and other related things. therefore the automation of GetResponse is best and more flexible than Aweber.


I was finding very hard to try to to automation associated with auto responders,

As the sections laid wasn't related,By still ready to find ,as option already exists.

Drag and Drop functionality is good , but not nearly as good as GetResponse.

Aweber is tough to try to to email marketing in comparison to GetResponse as options are limited in Aweber.

Aweber is more of sending email then doing email marketing

GetResponse again comes of as winner with Top notch automation and autoresponder functionalities.

Funnel building templates and methods will help considerably to stay engaging your email audience.

Reporting & Analytics : Aweber vs GetResponse

vData and Reporting of knowledge may be a critical task for the success of the e-mail campaigns .

Both the tools Aweber and GetResponse offers outstanding reporting features with data on click rates, open rates, unsubscribe and more.


Reporting is sweet , GetResponse gives extra advantage making it easy to navigate to analytics and report.

reports analytics gives broader view of the auto responders and therefore the marketing automation of campaigns.

Automatic segmentation is out there supported the e-mail openers or non openers.

GetResponse take again another additional score by making the reporting easy with open rates and goals,Analytics also adds details associated with the platform wont to open email like Mobile or desktop,Which help in targetting on subsequent campaign.

Conversions are tracked with tracking codes to minor sign ups an sales form the link the campaigns supported the gathered data,Data are often converted to graphical views like charts and tables.


Aweber on the opposite hand competes with GetResponse, also offers nice reports and analytics.

When compared to GetResponse, Aweber lacks at reporting and analytics.

Still Aweber makes analytics are simple .

With analytics in AWeber, email clicks,Sales revenue of campaigns are often tracked.

Related to the segmentation like GetResponse,AWeber also has ability to segment supported the e-mail receiver action.

Again GetResponse hold little edge compared to Aweber with the view of the report and analytics, but Both tools hold good within the Section of Reporting and Analytics.

Finally | Aweber vs GetResponse

I hope I covered most features which help any reader to select which is best.

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