Looking for solutions on how to post on Instagram from a PC or Mac?

Until this moment you may be thinking that posting on Instagram can only be done through phones. But now you know, you can post your photos on Instagram easily from your PC, whether it is Windows or Mac.

Instagram revealed earlier in 2020 that while browsing your feeds, you could send and receive direct messages from your computer. However, you can not officially post photos from a Mac or PC on Instagram, there is a trick to accomplish that.

And that we are going to tell you in this blog. Stick with us till the end, It's pretty easy to keep going once you do it.

How to post on Instagram from PC using a social media scheduling tool

This is probably the best option for managing your Instagram account from a PC or Mac. RecurPost is a social media scheduling tool that allows you to upload content in bulk, plan your feed, edit, organize, and schedule posts in advance. You can also create recurring schedules using this tool.

Thus, along with the ability to post photos and videos to your Instagram account straight from your PC, you can access a lot of other features. You can create bags of hashtags and use them while creating a post. Thus, it eliminates the need to manually write hashtags every time.

It also recommends the best time to post on Instagram! You can manage and automate posting on both personal and business Instagram accounts.

Click here to read our in-depth guide on how to post on Instagram from PC using RecurPost.

WINDOWS - How to Post Photos From Google Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

You can use these steps to post on Instagram from chrome, firefox, and the latest Microsoft Edge browser.

Here is the example of chrome, yet the process is almost the same for all three browsers.

  • Launch Chrome, and visit Instagram.com. (sign in to your account)

  • NOW, just right-click anywhere on the page and you will see the ‘Inspect’ option down at the bottom of the list. (Inspect Element in Firefox)

    Though, you can still open the inspect pressing F12. (in laptop use
    fn + F12)

  • A window will appear with random text. The only thing that we have to search is the Inspector tool's tiny tablet icon in the top-left corner.

    In Firefox, the icon will be on the top right corner in the Inspector tool.

  • Now click on that tablet looking icon, after clicking on it refresh the page. Now you are in the mobile view of Instagram.

  • You know what to do now. Just hit the + button to create a post.

If you can not see the post button, you have to refresh the page until that button shows up. You might be required to refresh more than once.

  • There you go, if you have done posting your favorite picture on Instagram, then click that tablet icon again and refresh to exit the mobile view.

MAC - Post Your Instagram Photos From The Safari Browser

  • Launch Safari and click on Safari at the top of your Mac's screen in the menu bar. Now select preferences next, and then click on the advanced tab.

  • At the bottom of the list, there will be a checkbox named “Show Develop menu in the menu bar”.

    Check it.

  • Next, open a new Safari tab and click on Develop > User Agent > Safari — iOS — iPhone in the menu bar.

  • Now, go to Instagram.com and sign in to your account.

  • At the bottom of the screen, you will see the + icon. Tap on it and upload any photo from your PC.

  • You will be able to edit the photos and apply filters just like you can do from the Instagram app.

  • Upon completion of the upload process, ensure to change the user agent back to the Normal Setting to prevent viewing all the sites in the mobile state.


We hope that the above guide has answered your queries on how to post on Instagram from PC. If you just want to do it for once, you can go and use the browser methods.

But, if you wish to schedule multiple posts in one go, want to manage multiple accounts, and also wish to see the analytics and use other advanced features related to Instagram, we suggest you to go for a social media scheduling tool. Sign up for free and try out RecurPost to check the features.