Organic pigment leads to colored material made of an organic aggregate with pigment characteristics. Some common types of organic pigment including - Azo Pigments, Lake Pigments, Phthalocyanine Pigments, and Quinacridone Pigments. They are all known as artificially synthetic organic compounds whose process and equipment required by such kinds of pigments are frequently the same as that required by organic dyes, consequently normally manufactured in the dye industry. Nevertheless, as colorants, they are very different from the organic dyes.

The organic pigment has no connection to the colored substance, instead of being attached to the facade of the colored substance through additives to achieve the purpose of coloring the products.

Insoluble natural compounds

Organic pigment manufacturers is a class of insoluble natural compounds of high coloring strength property which means that they have extremely small solubility in the water when dissolved, organic solvent, and various kinds of factors.

Organic pigments should also have a series of pigment properties, namely sunshine-resistant, organic solvents resistant, resistant to flooding, alkali resistant, acid-resistant, heat resistant, and excellent dispersion property in the application medium, and many more.

From the prospect of the chemical structure, organic colorants are similar to dyes. The only difference between these two is that the former has no connection to the substrate while the latter has a certain connection.

Excellent performance properties

Organic pigments are mainly used in the industry such as the ink industry, plastic industry, rubber industry, and more areas also as they possess excellent performance properties such as color, durability, mobility, and appropriate viscosity to the inks.

With different purposes and conditions, the demands for the organic pigments are also different based on their performance properties but the general specification is a bright color, heat and light, excellent dispersion, strong coloring power, less oil absorption, and strong hiding power.

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