Laundry rooms are not used very often. Usually, when designing and decorating your home, you don’t pay so much attention to it. Laundry rooms serve one purpose, and they don’t have to look good. But, even if you don’t spend so much time in it, it can still look good, and even luxurious. Laundry room can be very pleasant if they are functional, as well as comfortable. If you have decided to renovate your laundry room, read on for our practical ideas.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Before doing any redesign and decoration, you have to nail the basics down. Laundry room appliances are the most important features of a laundry room. The washing and drying machine work tirelessly almost every day, trying to clean all your family’s laundry. They are the largest, but also the most important investment. New washers and driers are energy efficient, which will help your family save on utility bills too. Place them under a bench to maximize usable space in a small laundry room. If you are working in a very small space, invest in a washing and drying combo machine.

Invest in Good Fixtures

If your laundry room has fixtures and a sink, now is the time to upgrade them. A luxurious, high-quality fixture and tapware can last you for many years. There are many finishes you can choose from, and you can pair them with other parts of the laundry room. A good option is a gold or brass tapware. It looks very luxurious and goes well with a neutral coloured laundry room.

Light Up the Room

Lighting is very important for every room, including the laundry room. Traditional fluorescent lights are very harsh and look outdated. They are most often not a good solution. For a more luxurious choice, use warm white lights with modern or luxurious fixtures. You can combine overhead lights with under cabinet lighting. This will give you a good solution for general lighting, as well as task lighting. You can go as luxurious or as simple as you want. Generally, since laundry rooms are small, overhead lights are smaller. Usually, there is no space for hanging lights. Choose the lighting depending on your space, and the amount of natural light during the day.

Choose the Right Flooring

There are many flooring varieties for a laundry room. The laundry room floors have to endure a lot. There is traffic, a lot of dirt, and occasional flooding. You don’t want an overly expensive flooring that will get damaged with the first flood. A vinyl flooring installation is good for a laundry room, as it has very good endurance. Flooring for a laundry room has to be efficient, but also look good to complement other parts of the room.

Incorporate Enough Storage

Laundry rooms are often used as storage for many items. Many people hold their towels in the laundry room, as well as hampers with dirty laundry. Cleaning supplies often find their way into the laundry room. A laundry room should be very efficient, and include a lot of storage space, strategically placed. You have to use the space you have smartly. Hampers are a basic floor storage solution. They can hold a lot of stuff that is ready for the wash. Shelves are your best friend if you don’t have enough floor space. Use wall drying racks to maximize the space used. Vertical shelves are also a good solution if you don’t have much floor space.

Final Words

The laundry is one of the most useful rooms in a house. Turning your laundry room into a luxurious spot will make every laundry trip enjoyable. Focus on natural colours with a dash of luxury. Invest in good products and appliances. You won’t have to worry for a long time.