You want to go big with your startup, but you do not have big cheques to afford if the situation is like this then this is high time to have a mobile platform presence for the success of the business.

It helps to reach more customers, and that makes more profit for the business. Mobile applications have become an essential thing nowadays.

The digital platforms are bringing ease to our daily life in the post-pandemic world. It is way more safe and secure. It saves customer’s time, and on the other hand, much profit can be earned with low investments.

That is why a mobile app development company in India should be hired to grow in this competitive market. According to a report by INDIA FORBES, the percentage of paying through digital mediums increased by 77% in the first quarter of 2020.

People like digital platforms to make payments in household things, food, health issues, and more. Mobile applications provide excellent features, and also the utility of the business becomes amazingly enhanced by apps. In modern days people are pretty much app-dependent.

Now what an android app development company does are the followings:

● Android app development connects the nodes of the systems in real-time. It also delivers indefectible, faster, and easily accessible mobile applications.
● The company offers android app porting solutions.
● The company offers multimedia and enterprise solution.
● The company offers UI/UX designs.
● The company provides migration and up-gradation services.
● The company provides support and maintenance for the application.
● The company provides cloud-based solutions too.

Now, these are the things that should be checked while choosing an app development company.

The x-factor of the frontline companies in this market is the technology they use to develop an app. Hyperlink Infosystem is the best, according to FORBES. There are KonstantInfosolutions and Tvisha in the first three of the best application growing company list.

That is the reason why an android app development company should be hired to grow in this competitive market. Now, this article is all about the five most important things that one should keep in mind before mobile app development.

● How well are the audit reports of the projects of the company is:

An audit is a formal review of a project. Intended to assess the extent to that project management standards are being upheld.

The company must have a good project manager and a team who will be working to deliver the best quality to the customers. The audit ensures the quality of products and services, project management. The audit identifies the business risk and improves the project performance of the company.

● The reputation and certification of the company in the various sections are to be checked:

Here is the list of some certified companies:

● Utility :

This company is a specialist company in crafting well-decorated web software and android application. This company is associated with more than 500 brands. The x-factor of this company is that it supports freshers.

● Open excel:

This company is one of the famous app development agency. They are quite renowned for their innovative and creative services. This company is specialized in the design, bug solutions, agile app processing.

● Cubix:

It is an internationally well-known digital product development company.

This company has earned the best reviews from their previous clients. The clients repeatedly opt to work with them.

The customer review is a deciding factor before you hire any agency.

● Hyperlink info system:

It is the best company in delivering smooth running android or ios applications. They are considered as one of the most reputed companies in IT services.

It is an Indian company, and the head office of the company is situated in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. They always keep a very high professional approach.

● Mercury:

This company is pretty much committed to providing the best quality service to the clients.


This company is well-upgraded with modern technologies, and they come with fresh ideas.

● Zco.:

Suppose you cannot afford significant amounts to invest then Zco. It is the best option you should look into.

● Budget is a significant factor:

We all know this is the most crucial part. You have to make a budget after considering your requirements balancing the initial investment with the long-term profit. Something which must be clear:

● How much can you afford?
● Are you going for a package or hourly billing?
● Do you have any maximum hour limit or are you ready to pay for indefinite delays, hazards in process, and any problems?
● It would help if you mentioned the metrics to be used on the new website to calculate values.

Check the company’s competitive price. In this pandemic, customers want an eligible price for anything they need; pricing is too essential for growth.

The basic app developers charge $35 to $50. They can apply minor customizations. The intermediates cost $50 to $100, and actually, the experienced good developers’ cost is $75 to $150+ per hour.

● The more is the experience of the company, the better the company is:

First, one must look for a team of experts. An experienced agency ensures the best service to spread your business at a very well success rate.

It is a very tiresome job to develop software which covers all the business criteria and helps business to be market-oriented as well. That is the reason the team must be Experienced.

Do not go for cheap things at very first. If cost is the prime issue at very first, then the app may result in low quality. Do not take risks with the cheap low budget companies. Always hire a team that is capable of delivering the best features and good Quality.

● Commitment and services to the clients:

Communication with customers must be humane. If the company has a customer service portal where there is an option of live chat, then customers find it so useful.

They can talk about their problems. They have their queries solved easily.

Softqube Technologies is one of the most emerging companies in this industry. This company operates in several countries and are well equipped with modern technologies.