A powerdistribution unit rack mount also known as extension box, power bar, power board, trailer lead, multi-socket is a device that allows multiple electrical gadgets to be powered at once.

This rack power distribution includes a master switch which will turn off all the devices that you connected it from.

This device is very helpful when you have multiple things to give power too, but you have only one socket.

You can connect that power socket point to a rackmount powerstrip and you will be good to go in powering multiple devices.

Traditionally the use of power strips first dated back in the year 1929, later it was created and widely used in the years after.

Now a days, as the evolution of power strips have taken places, there are a number of safety and other features that includes with it.

Some strips come with a circuit breaker too, which ensures to interrupt electric current during emergencies like short circuit or overload.

Other than that, some also have energy-saving highlights, which switch off the rack if machines go into reserve mode.

Using a sensor circuit, they identify if the degree of influence through the attachment is in reserve mode (under 30 watts), and if so they turn the socket off.

This lessens the use of backup power which was utilized by a desktop peripherals and other hardware when not being used, setting the fact that you save power and money.

Some more-modern electrical extensions have a main and slave attachment, and when the main attachment distinguishes backup mode in the appended apparatus' flow it kills the entire strip.

You will also find multiple socket types in one single rack mount power distribution.

Other than that, most of the power strips comes with LED light indicator which shows one per output socket’s working or not.

The better device you purchase, it will be more efficient and will also provide you with some additional features too.

Final Words:

Since the years have passed by, power distribution unit rack mount has been coming up with new better changes.

With better safety and other essential features, this piece of equipment can be really handy in a working environment with lots of electrical devices.

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