Hakeem akintunde Ogunmowo Real Estate Developers One key to the success of a shopping center is quick and easy automobile access. Such access is generally more available in the suburbs than in the city. A few successful shopping centers have been built in dense urban areas, often with very substantial public subsidy and often as part of an urban renewal project. However, on balance, the invention and refinement of the shopping center has favored suburb over city. Not only has the suburban shopping center drawn the suburban customer away from downtown retailing, but it also draws automobile-owning city residents out to the suburbs to shop.

Ogunmowo is a cater to each customer’s needs on a one-to-one basis. This personal approach ensures that the building process is an exciting, stress free and a pleasant experience. Hakeem akintunde Ogunmowo help you through each step of the process of building your dream home. We work closely with home designers and engineers on the design and planning of your home, and we also assist you in locating that special site for your custom home. If you have already gone through the design process and have a full set of prints, we can give you a competitive bid on your project.

When it comes time to start construction on your new home, we will sit down with you and work out all of the details from concept to completion, and establish, with as accurate as possible, the construction cost estimates. As a general contractor, we oversee the construction of your home from start to finish, paying close attention to all the details along the way. To ensure our high standard of quality, we personally supervise each important step of the building process.

We know that hiring the right builder can be a challenge. For this, you need a first class contractor and Premier Home Builders has the experience to make it all happen. After all, it’s your dream home and this is your opportunity to create something unique and memorable.