Today the most important issue in society is that we are somewhere compromise with the moral values to students life in schools in Gurgaon. As a result students are not focussed and they are able to identify, understand the problems, and distinguish between the right and wrong things. What is good for them which will help them out and what is bad for them they need to analyse such things. As a result hurting a student instead of helping him will create a lot of problems. Moral values have become really important for the students now a days. These are the basic values that appears very early in the student life. Therefore moral values are really important for students life as these help the students in decision making. These values forms the base of life and add the importance and meaning to a student's life. Human rights and integrity get reflects by the moral values. Students learn more than any book or any teacher through these moral values. Therefore, it becomes more important to attain these values at an early or teenage age. No student's life is complete without moral values so they should always be included along with study so that every single student understand the importance of these values. For learning, growth and development existence of moral values is compulsory. Most important values for the students are : Honesty : "Honesty is the best policy", this is one of the first and most important moral value that should be present in the mind of each student. The students must be encouraged to tell the truth with respect to the mistakes they made, they never fear for telling the truth. True speaking character always gets an appreciation from others. It also help to build the confidence and make him feel trustworthy among other students and in the eyes of mentors, teachers and parents. Respect : It's a student or an adult everyone wants respect from the society no matter how old is he or she. If a student taught to behave nicely and respect all no matter the caste,religion, sex, lifestyle, race. It is a very essential moral value that makes a child confident as he know that speaking true and giving respect to elders or of same age he will get respect too. It will make him a good person who build a character of having concern about the people around him living in a society and social circle. Family : From the beginning a student should provided the meaning what family means and how it is important for everyone living in a society. A student should know about and have a sense of family while growing up. He may understand the importance of family, cooperation, love and respect for all the people. Teachers in Gurgaon Schools should teach students the importance of family and the love and respect they get from such people live together in a family. Education and Hard Work : Students should be provided with the importance of education so they could understand. They could understand the impact of education on their lives. Teachers in school should encourage the students to study and score well as this is one of the most important thing in life and in school days. They should make them understand the importance of knowledge and the power, importance of hard work. With education and hard work one can achieve success in life. Adjustable Personality : Schools in Gurgaon wants students who can adapt with the change in environment, technology, new challenges and situations. Teacher should teach student how to get adjustable with the surrounding situations. If a student should learn to compromise then he can wonders and build strong and good relationship not with his family members but with the others living in a society. Compassionate : Carrying a personality with a compassion helps a person to pay back when someone else in need of support, empathy, kindness, helping hand, sympathy, and much more. Always build your character with such qualities that favour you in future life and people around you understand in a better way. Justice : Now a days most of the time students think that a person should get Justice no matter age, race, religion, sex, but he should have a right to get that. As students minds are young and powerful to take the right decisions it is a duty of teachers to guide students in terms of right and wrong. A sense of justice is one of the most important value that students must have from young age. Love for all Religions : Students in school should get a knowledge of showing respect to every religion. No matter a person is Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Jainism, Buddhist, every religion should get respect from the students studies in school and if different religion. Cheating and Theft: Teachers in school apart from academics focus on the basic life learning skills. They should teach to all students that theft, robbery, stealing someone's property is wrong and the child will get a punishment for doing such act either inside school or outside campus. He should build his character as a normal person. Taking things belongs to other person is illegal and as a result that person's act falls under act of punishment. Forgiveness : This fact should get feed in the mind of students that abusing, hurting or harming others creates an impact not only physically but yes emotionally, psychologically and mentally which discouraged any other student. In fact what ever happened just apologize and forgive as making continuous arguements results into no fruthful information. Also unwillingness to forgive ignites a flame of fight, vengeance and anger for other person. As the moral values are the founding blocks of society they should be triggered in the mind of students as it important for their life. Also it helps to build their character strong and shape their future far good than others with such kind of awareness so they get respect and give respect to others. These values not only help a student to perform good in academics but also help to become a good partner in life who is strong enough to take sensible decisions.