How to use Emoji in your designs in a professional way(black emoji)

The 17th is World Emoji Day. More and more people use these faces in their communication, and not only on social networks! In fact, using emoji is one of the most attractive tools in visual marketing, it has its own name, emoji marketing, and is quite practical.

How can we, as designers, participate in this niche? First, we can make it easy for other people, including other designers, to add them to their graphics and content tactics.

Emoji can be used in any type of design: social media graphics, print projects, websites, merchandising, physical products, and more. The best designs based on them are those that acquire a timeless quality.

Today we'll take a look at how you can participate in the emoji craze while maintaining a professional approach.

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Create designs with emoji
Our first suggestion is to create different types of graphics that include emoji in the design. These can be about just about anything. If you are a Freepik collaborator, remember that you must create your own faces from scratch. You can't take someone else's designs and add them to your own.

Fortunately, emojis have a standard look; you just have to give them your personal touch. Make sure to keep them recognizable and keep them as fun as the ones we all know from messaging apps.

Let's start with social media, the favorite place for these types of designs.

Design graphics for social networks
Since social media is where most of the emoji marketing happens , it's a good idea to start there. Create template sets for all channels with the same layout. Make charts and headers for Facebook, Twitter, etc. Visual carousels are in high demand on Instagram and LinkedIn. Create different sets of carousels using emoji as visual attraction or prop. Play with different levels of participation of faces, gestures, hearts, etc. Try to use from prominent emoticons that are easily recognizable to funny stickers that do not dominate the design.

social media

Create blog graphics
The bloggers are always looking graphics to include in their publications. Create some banners and blog graphics that include emoji in the concept. However, don't limit yourself to smiles; play with all the other options available. Have fun without going overboard.

For example, use a happy and a sad face in a comparison infographic template layout. Create education-related PDF files for teachers that include little stars and animals.

Create some GIFs
Try creating GIFs with emoji for a fun design.

Emoji-based GIFs are the hardest designs to pull off. It's easy for them to seem too exaggerated. It will take some practice to make an emoji GIF that really stands out, looks professional, and that people want to use.

A good approach would be to make them especially for a client who is looking for ways to update their visual marketing.

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Add Emoji to Photo
Adding emoticons to a photo is easy and adds enough fun to any photo. These comps are perfect for social media, blogs, and even websites. For a professional appearance, use good quality emoticons and an attractive photo. Make the composition as natural and fun as possible.

Design Stickers / Stickers
Design stickers with emoji and add a little message. Create these in sets for the best effect. Stickers are great because they can be used digitally or for printing.

People can use them to paste on their laptops or add to their Instagram stories. They can be printed and sold in sheets.

Funny stickers always go down well.

Create emoji icons

Flaticon is the perfect platform to upload your emoji icon creations. Create a variety of looks, from classic color and texture to slimline to gray shading and monochrome styles.

Create your icons in sets of a similar style so that other designers can easily find them. emoji icon pack

Find your own design style

Just as you infuse your style in all your designs, do the same with your emoji designs. Try to find a way to make them special and interesting. At the same time, it seeks to convey a fun feeling.

As always, keep your designs balanced and empty. Get inspired but don't copy other designs! That is being professional.(african american emojis)