A smart visitor management system helps to provide effective control of the guests in your premises, maintaining records of visitors along with the issuance of gate passes to the guests. It helps in managing the safety of your area by preventing the entry of unauthorized personals in your office. Traditionally, offices maintain manual register entries for the Visitor Management that is time taking & difficult to maintain. It is almost impossible to produce visitor’s entries & exit reports after the end of the month or year-end. No visual proofs are maintained for the visitors that play a significant role in the security of the organizations.

Furthermore, visitor Management refers to the procedure of tracking each person who enters your office premises. The visitor might be a customer, consultant, client, candidate, contractor, or a relative of the CEO or any other employee. Anybody who is not your full-time employee is a guest for your office. With the digital visitor check-in software, you can officially track your guests in real-time as per your office safety needs, while ensuring the privacy & convenience of your guests. There are numerous benefits of upgrading your premises with a smart visitor tracking system, some of them are –

  • It Enhances Office Productivity

A visitor registration system was first designed to boost the workflow & to overcome two major challenges of the workplaces. One, the receptionist being stuck with various visitors, & several interruptions at the reception area at the same time. In some organizations that do not have a receptionist, interruptions can cause huge chaos & it is believed that after every interruption it takes almost 20 minutes for the employees to regain their concentration. That certainly harms your employees’ productivity. The automated visitor management software simplifies life for everyone. It helps to streamline processes & makes the visitor registration process quick & easy.

  • COVID-19 Facilities Management

The COVID-19 pandemic has made visitor management more significant than ever when it comes to keeping your visitors & staff safe. Electronic visitor sign-in system is integrated with touchless temperature scanning & monitoring software and hardware to track & limit access to those displaying and reporting COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Provide Electronic Notifications

Visitor front desk app can be equipped with the ability to send electronic notifications via email & text. All such notifications might be intended for various purposes – informing receptionists that a new guest has arrived, alerting your employees that they have a visitor, or to communicate the emergency information to anyone on your premises, including fire, security threats, and severe weather information.

  • Gain Insights from Detailed Reporting

The creation of detailed visitor reports offers employees the visual insights that help to improve the role functions inside your premises. Search criteria including – Visitor Type, Departure Time, Entry Time, Visitor Name, and Access Authorisation can be provided in real-time. It helps security teams, receptionists, and other employees to identify the data trends.

Veris offers a smart and digital Visitor Management System India which is the future for maintaining visitor records & it does a lot more than a person can. The manual Visitor Management System is not fool-proof. They are difficult & time-consuming to manage & effectively document things. But, automated visitor management software aids you to identify who is on your premises at any given point in time. Also, it will empower your staff to monitor & analyze the visitor patterns.