Generation X might not be aware of Flash’s legacy and how it changed the Internet. But the millennials are mindful of the early Flash games and Flash-based websites that were part of the initial internet journey.

Adobe is officially shutting down Flash and its counterparts. Now, Flash games and Flash-based websites will collapse with it.

Users might not have noticed, but Flash was dying in 2016 when Adobe announced no future update for Flash-based websites.

Since Flash will go down in early 2021, Like a domino effect, all Flash-based websites and games will no longer work, and they will have no other choice than retrieving from the platform. Now the absence of Flash-based games like Age Of War and Alien Hominid cannot be filled; there is a way to play those games again!

Wondering where to find the Flash games? Here are some quick ways that’ll save your favorite games from getting vanished from the Internet.

Internet Archives

Internet users’ attention! Welcome to the deep web of the Internet. Well, it may not be the actual Deep Web but consider it as the gold mine of images, wallpapers, videos, movies, games, softwares, and websites. Whenever something is taken down from the Internet, Internet archives save the web pages for future use. Similarly, Adobe’s decision to take down Flash will end up in the realm of Internet Archives.

How to access Internet Archives?

There is a quick way to access Internet Archive’s and requires no specialized knowledge. Google ‘internet archive flash games’ and click on the most relevant result. Another way is to access the software library, a more convenient way to find and play Flash games.

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint

BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is another great initiative that aims to preserve thousands of flash games in offline mode. Once installed, you can access the library of 70,000 games and 8,000 animations running on 20 different platforms. The best part about BlueMaxima’s Flashpoint is the free, open-source availability that powers retro gaming culture in the modern era.


While games like God of War and Demon’s Souls attract a large aggregate of the gaming community, Flash games are made for fun, and it should be taken as a leisure time activity. Saving and preserving the Flash game was an essential step as in the near future, Flash games might make a comeback as the gaming industry goes back-and-forth in time and brings out long lost games again and again.

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