It’s impossible to survive in the market and industry nowadays without brand awareness. Brand awareness is a possibility to be recognized by potential customers and be associated with the product and service it’s providing correctly. Brand awareness is one of the pillars of strengthening a brand’s image, product, or service.

If your brand is a solid brand with a product that is a need in the market but your target market doesn’t know about your brand and doesn’t trust it yet. How do you plan to make a custom case and increase your sales?

Unless someone doesn’t know what out there and in store for them, they’re less likely to stumble on it. Brand awareness helps you attract your target market and allure more valuable buyers. To thrive in the industry, you need to make sure your audience has an eye on you! Branding benefits include; customer recognition that goes a long way, customer loyalty, credibility, gives you the confidence to do more, consistency in sales and audience, brand equity, and allows shared values. Most of all, it helps you stay ahead of your competition and generate leads for the future.

I don’t need to elaborate on the fact that creating brand awareness is actually tough. Well, you’re in the right place, I am here to help you all. Here are the top 5 strategies that have actually proven to be effective.

  1. Social media and Influencers. If you don’t know already, online marketing and advertising is something that’s essential for every brand out there whether you’re a big one like Apple or any small local business. Hence, it’s also the easiest and smartest way to create your brand awareness. Let’s talk about our social media platforms and options first. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, TikTok, and WhatsApp among the popular ones. These domains provide you an audience of over a billion people, you just need to know how to capture them. Using influencers is one of the most effective options. Nowadays our influencers start from 100K and go to about Millions especially if you’re targeting a younger audience. The followers these influencers have already trust them hence once they mention your product like if you’re selling titan spray gun parts,those mentions with the right hashtag and keywords will expand your reach and increase people’s awareness about the brand.

  1. Don’t be afraid to explore.There are various marketing ways right now that are proving to be highly important and helpful. In order to create vast brand awareness for yourself, you need to try different ways in which you can. Video marketing is rising in 2020 due to the increasing number of users of a mobile phone. Video marketing can be in the form of live on Facebook or Instagram. Tutorials or reviews on YouTube and Snapchat for example, titan used its consumers to generate an audience. Titan spray gun parts have various videos on YouTube from a buyer’s point of view, people tend to trust them more and are more tempted to buy a product then. Then you have content marketing, email marketing, POP marketing, etc. More importantly, word of mouth. It’s a form of marketing that cheap and the most crucial. It can make or break your brand. Better be careful.

  1. Customer service.You don’t create brand awareness to attract a one-time buyer. You need loyalty from your customers who benefit you in the longer run. In every industry customer service is important, if it’s not there, you lose customers in turn you lose your brand. Simple. Your brand should be known and should revolve around how you treat your customers rather than only your product or service. You can practice customer service through an online chat on your website or a comments and section box. You need to hire people that are there to reply to their queries instantly whether it’s through email, direct message, or your website. Make them feel important and heard. Bad customer service can make them boycott your brand forever and if word of mouth gets out, Lord help you!

  1. Sponsorship and collaboration. Believe it or not but sometimes in order to create brand awareness you need to partner with a brand with it first. Sponsorships are effective but you have to take care if you’re sponsoring something your target market will see or not. It can help you generate a more authentic and secure place in a consumer's mind. Collaborations can be in the form of giveaways or contests. Who doesn’t like winning free stuff or fighting for some good products? Collaborations also help you reach a broad range of audiences as you’re not only capturing your audience but also the brand that already has a million followers. You can always mend the rules of the giveaways and contests yourself, giving you the upper hand on how you want to create your brand awareness.

  1. Brand logo and tagline.This is something that is the identity of your brand now and for the future. If you want to grow as a brand, you need to create a logo and tagline that best represents you and what you are offering. They have to be highly engaging and memorable which means legible and easy. Your logo and tagline basically help you tell a story about what you stand for. A viewer can easily deduce and learn what you’re about to offer to them. A good tagline should be catchy and short. It should definitely associate with what you’re selling that even if the viewer doesn’t know your product or service yet, and hasn’t even seen your logo, they get an idea about what to expect. The perfect modern logo is sleek and minimalistic. One thing to keep in mind while designing one is the color scheme, it can really help you hype up your brand awareness. You can hire a professional to help you with this important process.