In today’s fast-paced digital world, protecting digital life is not an easy task. We are experiencing a new miracle of technology every single day. The privacy of data is always a significant concern. Hence, we all use different types of protection to secure our digital privacy. The most popular way to ensure digital or locally stored data is passwords.

Passwords work as a front line defense system to protect our data. They work with most devices, software, and web portals to make our data secure. A password also prevents hackers and cybercriminals from accessing our bank account credentials.

But here, the problem is that most people use simple passwords. This act can put our computer and digital life at risk. Therefore, it becomes vital to create super-strong passwords. Do you know how to create a strong password? If yes, then go and upgrade your passwords. If you want to learn how to make super secure passwords, keep reading this guide.

Steps for creating strong passwords

Password strength is directly related to how much computing power is required to crack the password.

However, experts suggest some basic things to create a super-secure password. They recommend making a long and challenging password that requires more time to crack. Below are some practical ways to create strong passwords.

  • Try to create a longer password: An eight-character password is ideal to some extent. But if your data is sensitive, you must make a password with at least 15 characters.
  • Consider every key’s value on the keyboard: While creating a password, use keys like numbers, symbols, small and capital letters, punctuation marks, special characters, etc., for strengthening the password. ( ^#~%&*_=+?)
  • Do not use dictionary words: Avoid making passwords using generally used words and names.
  • Change usually used password structures: Most people follow some common steps to create passwords. Consider some innovative patterns and avoid these commonly used patterns:
  • A password with first letter capital and some digits- Rocky123
  • A password with first letter small, one unique character, and some numbers- [email protected]
  • A password with surname and numbers- andrewkeys123456
  • Generate some unique passwords: Never use the same password across all devices and internet services. You can’t imagine the risk of using the same password.
  • Two-factor authentication can save you: Enable two-factor authentication to make your passwords stronger.

How to make passwords memorable

After learning how to make a password strong, now let’s move ahead toward making it memorable. Remembering a strong password like a 12 character password that combines lower and upper case letters, digits, symbols, numbers, special characters is tricky.

The ultimate solution to this problem is a password manager. You can use any password manager to keep your login credentials secure.

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