As people age, it becomes critically important to keep their body as well as mind healthy.

This is only possible when they become physically and mentally active. Staying mentally fit has never been so important than it is now.

You must have heard of different methods to fight cognitive decline that includes reading a newspaper, playing card games, board games, online mind games and playing musical instruments.

Today, there are way more activities that help seniors stay mentally active and everything is available at the click of a button.

Many online activities that offer mental stimulation, promote engagement and a lot of entertainment.

Thanks to the Internet, there is now no need to take your aging loved ones to the shopping spree in the overcrowded game section. There is a complete wealth of free options available.

As your loved one ages, they start becoming more forgetful and misplacing things. This frequent forgetfulness may be a sign of Alzheimer’s.

Playing free brain games is a simple way to keep their brain sharp as well as active.

There may be common activities you are doing unknowingly that are helping your brain stay active like solving crosswords and trying word searches.

1) Wealth Words

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An online crossword puzzle game that remains the go-to cognitive for diseases like Dementia in the elderly.

The game is intricately designed to satisfy the craving of a word lover. It offers a plethora of free word brain games.

In addition to this, it is a real money app that gives real money to the ultimate winners.

This emphasis on offering cash rewards has added a great impact on the players. And this is one of the reasons that this game has become super popular.

The game has managed to transform the traditional newspaper and paperback crossword into a digital game while creating an immersive experience for the players.

The crosswords can be easily solved by anyone. You don’t have to be a genius or nerd to give them a try.

The game relaxes the brain and helps in producing dopamine that makes you feel happy.

The vibrant online word game has a simple gameplay that helps in boosting the strategic opportunities for the solvers.

What they have to do is to understand the rules and then simply read the clues carefully and fill in letters accordingly.


  • Anytime, anywhere game.
  • More than 500+ games
  • Offers huge cash prizes
  • 100% secure with PayPal gateway
  • Plenty of brain-training puzzles
  • Refer & Earn points with the brain game riddles
  • Boost vocabulary and groom your personality

2) Real Chess

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Chess has been around for centuries. It was initially played in the 7th century but nowadays has been often overlooked at a serious game.

It is often considered a time pass activity. Chess is all about strategy, planning and thinking outside the box.

It is a simple yet amazing activity for all those who age.

A few elderly feel that chess is a game for genius only. But that is not the case. Anyone can play the game after understanding the basic rules.

Brush up skills by trying easy-to-play online chess games. It is best for the elderly for older people that struggle with concentration and increasing focus. Clockwork Brain Training

Elderly can join a million others across the globe by playing this Clockwork Brain Training.

This online game is a series of fun and challenging games built to test cognitive skills.

The features include bite-sized and fast-paced gameplay with adaptive difficulty.

Influenced by Victorian Steampunk and Mayan art, this is another amazing brain-training online game having impeccable features.

Sprocket will be a friendly robot that will guide you throughout the journey.

Whether you are at the retirement stage or still working, this game is a fun and productive way to pass time helps in exercising your brain. So, get ready for a great mental workout.


  • There are 17 fun games that boost memory, attention, dexterity language and reasoning skills
  • This personalized workout has the ability to enhance your cognitive skills.
  • You have to collect tokens while playing and unlock the game modes.
  • Analyze weekly and monthly graphs and in-depth stats of the player’s memory, attention, language reasoning, dexterity, etc.
  • Personalize brain training and play against time at your own pace.
  • Customize your brain training and play against time or at your own pace!
  • Sharpen verbal skills in ten languages inclusive of Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, French!
  • You have to observe how long you can survive.
  • No fee or subscription

3) Memorado

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This is another daily online game that helps in boosting the analytical skills of the elderly while enhancing IQ.

The experts created a game that offers an attractive and unique interface.

Memorado is a brain-challenging game that builds brain functionality with designated and controlled design.


  • The development program helps in improving the retention power of the brain.
  • Having hundreds of levels, you can play the game anytime, anywhere.
  • This is the best online game that helps to improve logic, memory, and concentration skills.
  • The game is a stress buster.
  • It allows you to assess your performance and then do the needful.

4) Brain Wars

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Brain Wars is one of the most popular Android games. This brain app generates a competitive mode by putting the player against the hard competitor.

There are a few mini-games in the present schedule where training helps in improving the level. The app will guide you on how to challenge someone.

You can play as many online brain challenge games as you want as there is no limit. It helps in developing your observation skills, focus, concentration, and numeric skills.


  • You can check your judgment, calculation, memory, speed and skills via various min-games.
  • The brain map will give you an idea about the performance.
  • You can have fun at the challenge while playing with an anonymous person
  • Send an emoji or friend request to your opponent.
  • The app is quite easy to use and smooth to run.
  • You can beat your opponent and then earn the worldwide ranking.
  • Challenge the opponent with a real time component.
  • Invite your acquaintances to challenge you via social media.

5) River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzle

brain games, games to improve memory, keeps your memory sharp, online brain games, puzzle games

River Crossing IQ Logic Puzzles is a challenge game that every elderly will like.

This particular logical puzzle has become very popular among the players within no time. Most players get a nostalgic feeling while playing this game.


  • A must-play adventurous game
  • Improve IQ and intelligence
  • Besides river crossing, there are many intelligence judging games as well.
  • Easy beginner levels but challenging difficult levels.

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