Extendons Shopify Coming Soon Page help to encourage customers to visit stores on launch dates. It support an attractive and customizeable elegant template. You can customize the template according to your preferences and enable different features to make it a pleasant experience for your customer. Let’s check the list of useful features that is listed below.

Shopify banner app enables you to customize your site banner dimension width, play interval dimension with unlimited images. Shopify banner gives an eye catchy look to store. It helps to promote new products, offer and deals through banner slider. It supports multiple styles such as banner rotator, banner slider, simple fade slideshow, image gallery, image slider etc. You can add unlimited images on slider without changing the sliders.

Shopify pay what you want app enables to set pricing rule to simple or variable products. You set a price range with minimum and maximum values, and the customer has to enter an amount to see if it is acceptable. Allow your customers to pay the least or the highest amount they are willing to pay may remove. Customer satification is valueable for boost store sales. Let’s check the multiple features of Shopify name your price app.

Shopify mobile app builder Increase your store traffic by generating a multi feature mobile app. It helps to generate a free app in reasonable price and time. You don’t need to learn about any language and code. Your multi-lingual and multi-currency store features will be integrated in the mobile app to give seamless user experience.

Extendons Shopify price calculator enables owner to sell all kinds of variable sized products based on their dimensions such as tiles, blinds, liquids, fabric, fencing, frames, wires, liquids, ropes and many more. It supports multiple units’ ft, gram, kg, cubic. Customer can add desired quantity of product price will be managing rest of it. Due to supporting multiple products conversion rate increases Like variable sized product based on length, weight, area, volume and even boxes.

Extendons Shopify minimum order amount app facilitate you to put the restrictions on the cart and specific products. The odd and even series empower customers to make order in bulks. It help customer to choose products quantities easily. The customer must fulfill the minimum order requirement before moving on the checkout page.

Extendons hide add to cart button shopify app help to manage large store specific product prices. It help store owner to optimize their product price appearance according to their sales and customer type. It supports multiple input fields for taking information from customers. Shopify app help to increase the specific product sales.