If you aren't familiar with Indonesia's online game addiction, it is time you learn because this facet of human behavior is really a significant issue in the nation. This isn't surprising since Indonesia is one of the fast growing countries in the world these days. There are so many things happening here and if you aren't a winner in your day to day life, you will surely be tired at the end of the day. This is where online games come into the picture.

As previously mentioned, Indonesia has a lot of new things going on and many of these items are related to technology. For example, Indonesia's tourism business is in the growth phase and one of the things that is helping it together is instruction. There are so many institutions of higher education in Indonesia that the young generation is always up for a challenge. This is only one of the reasons why they're hooked on computer games.

Online gaming addiction is common in Indonesia especially one of the large capital population. The large funds population enjoys spending considerable amounts of their money just to purchase the most recent games in the marketplace. Most of them are addicted to playing online games such as conflict field generals 2, Command and Conquer 3, War craft, Sims, etc..

In Regards to this Particular Issue, there is an interesting article written by Michael J. Gerber titled"Indonesian Online Gaming Addiction: A Simple Explanation" at the Journal of Applied Research in South Asia and Islamic Sciences. In this article, Mr. Gerber has conducted a qualitative evaluation to understand Indonesian gamers' response to four big factors associated with internet games. These factors are the existence of various elements such as criteria, standards, validity and interactivity. After running a preliminary study about the presence and character of online games in Indonesia, Mr. Gerber then went to run a survey about the elements that influence players who spend their monthly expenditure in purchasing online games.

According to Mr. Gerber, online game addiction could be categorized as a sub-type of pathological gambling. Furthermore, he also noted that there is an increasing trend for Indonesian women to engage in online games and finally become addicts. On the other hand, Mr. Gerber added that the prevalence of online games can also be influenced by cultural factors. This cultural variable can be attributed to the values, beliefs and practices of Indonesia. For instance, it was found out that majority of Indonesian people are attached to the online games even when they spend the majority of their time in the front of the television.

Another interesting trend that has been noticed in the study is that most of Indonesian men spend most of their time playing video games. Moreover, these men are more attached to playing virtual online games compared to real world. In accordance with Mr. Gerber, this may be attributed to the rising trend of ingraining technology into Indonesia. Additionally, the Indonesian culture also plays a very important part in the rising popularity of online gaming in Indonesia. The majority of the players in Indonesia are active members of various gaming communities in Indonesia. These communities are mostly based on common hobbies and interests of their members read more...