Wisdom teeth that are healthy and developed in the right position usually don’t cause any problems. In fact, they are helpful for chewing. Unfortunately, they don’t develop in the right position in most of the cases because our mouth can fit only 28 teeth comfortably. When the third molars develop during early adulthood or late adolescence, they don’t get enough room in the jawline. This is when a wisdom tooth becomes problematic and wisdom teeth removal Sydney is recommended by the dentists.

You may think why my dentist wants to pull out those teeth without giving time for them to erupt? Well, cheap wisdom teeth removal is a preventive measure to protect your other healthy teeth. That said, a dentist won’t recommend extraction immediately. They consider certain factors like the impaction of the wisdom teeth and monitor the growth of teeth. After analysing various factors, the dentist will recommend the right treatment plan for an individual.

Here are the common signs that indicate you’ll have to extract the wisdom teeth:-

Incorrect growth

In some cases, when a wisdom tooth grows, they take too much of space in the jawline. When they grow at a different angle, the teeth couldn’t be straightened without braces. In addition to it, when the mouth is overcrowded, there is no treatment to make all teeth to fit together. So, the only option left out is to have them extracted. However, the dentist is the right person to determine whether the teeth might erupt in the right position or requires removal to save other teeth. As discussed, our mouth could accommodate only 28 teeth comfortably. After wisdom teeth development, there’ll be 32 teeth and there won’t be enough room in jawline to fit the extra teeth, causing pain and discomfort.

Difficulty eating

If you experience pain while eating and chewing, it’s because of the growth of wisdom teeth or partially erupted wisdom tooth. Food can be stuck in between the gums and partially erupted teeth, causing pain and discomfort when chewing food. The partially erupted teeth couldn’t be cleaned easily as they are in the very back of the mouth. Read More