Digital marketing-An overview

Digital marketing is the phenomenon of marketing products and services through different channels like search engines, radio advertisements, television advertisements, and mobile advertisements to target a mass audience.

Benefits of digital marketing

Digital marketing is highly advantageous for targeting audiences, can be reached in a feasible amount and it also increases brand loyalty when drove as an ad, on a search engine.

The most important advantage of digital marketing in Delhi is that it is a lucrative and rewarding career and has an increasing demand in the market.

Most importantly no degree of specialization is required to show your professionalism. Nowadays digital marketing is becoming, the backbone of revenue generation in every company

Scope of digital marketing beyond 2020

According to surveys India’s digital economy will expect to touch the 1 trillion dollar mark by 2022 as companies of all segments are focusing their investments in digital marketing activities as it is the fastest mode of promotion and making a product reach a wider audience. A report of an esteemed newspaper says10% of digital marketing contributes to the economy's revenue.

Is digital marketing a good career option

Digital marketing can be a good career option it provides various opportunities for many creative people as there are various jobs from writing to designing, from audio to video production, Plus developing marketing strategies, solving problems, and finding ways to engage audiences.

Numerous doors of opportunities are open for individuals who want to pursue careers in this field.

According to a survey conducted in 2015 digital marketers are the most hired persons in the companies which will increase excessively by2020.

Digital Marketing as a career option

Digital marketing is versatile, so it offers various jobs for various specializations some of the

Any sort of training is not required but you must have expertise in different aspects of digital marketing.

What are the expected earnings of a digital marketer?

The salary of a digital marketing manager varies from 4 lakh to 8 lakh rupees, but it depends on how much experience do you have and depend on the state to state.

The PPC analyst salary varies between 2,50,000 To 6 lakh rupees.

The salary of an SEO executive starts with 2,20,000. A stipend of 15,000 is given monthly to an SEO intern in metropolitans like Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, etc. For a beginner in digital marketing, the salary is average scale but, as the experience increases paying scale also increases.

A social media executive has a salary of 1,50,000 to 3,50,000 for a fresher or experience less than 3 years and it reaches 5,000,00. The social manager has a salary starting from 5,00,000 extending to 10,00,000