In the life of adult men there are several instances when they feel ashamed and disappointed as they are not getting erection at the time love making. When such things happen men lack their self-esteem and always remain in sadness. In the cases when problem of not getting erection remains permanently in the body of men then is said that the men are suffering from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Generally the problem of ED is conditional and men who are having the habit of taking of excess alcohol face this problem. However, there many instances when men are facing weakness and they are not having sufficient blood flow in the reproductive organ in such situation men are unable to get erection. Whatever may be the reason behind ED the problem makes the life of men like burden as they always remain in stress.

How to get stiffer and longer lasting erection?

When men are going through the problem of ED they always look for the remedy so to get stiffer and longer lasting erection at the time of bedroom activity. In case you opt to go for getting remedy for the problem of ED you will find that there are several best ways present that can offer you desired erection that will continue for longer time. You can find that herbal remedies available for curing ED are the most popular one and coming without any side effect. But these remedies are only best when you can wait longer. Even there are many men who are using pumps to get erection but the limitation of using pumps is that men often suffer from lot of hassle when they are using it. In this regard, men can get guaranteed instant results by taking Cenforce 150mg. The medicine is helping men worldwide in getting stiffer and longer lasting erection. The medicine is safe and clinically tested and due to this reason every man can get better erection after taking the pill.

When the medicine will be more effective?

The effectiveness of the medicine is varying in the body of different men because the intensity of the problem of ED is not same in the body of everyone. In order to know the right dose that is required for your body it is needed to consult the doctor. Although you will always get better recommendation for the doctor for taking right dose of the medicine yet you should avoid taking double dose or overdose of the medicine.For getting fruitful results out of Cenforce 200 it is required to know the side effects of the medicine so that you can stay away from any kind of hassle. The medicine is only best if you are suffering from the problem ED and never take it for getting for showing extraordinary performance at the time of bedroom activity. For making the medicine more effective you should avoid bad habits like taking alcohol and smoking. Cenforce 100 will be more effective if you will take it 30 minute before making love.