Since ages, jewelry has been recognized as a symbol of wealth, status and power. It also symbolizes prestige and highlights personality of individual wearing it. Especially women wear various kinds of jewelry meant for various occasions in present modern times.

Apart from adding to the grace and elegance of a woman, jewelry is also one of the best and expensive way of expressing your affection or appreciation towards someone you like.

Often ladies watches or bracelets are gifted by husbands to their wives on occasions like wedding anniversaries or birthdays. On the other hand many men are fond of wearing leather bracelet as a security symbol. Also, men wear leather bracelet to attract the opposite sex and consider it as an important part of their fashion.

Fashion jewelry for ears

When it comes to fashion jewelry, more often than not, women love to get their helix pierced so that they may wear variety of helix earrings to look attractive. Most popular jewelry among ladies is the jewelry for their ears which include captive bead rings, seamless rings, barbells and labret.

Labret studs are often initially used with cartilage/helix piercings so as to provide time and enough space to the piercing to heal. These studs are almost similar to lobe studs. Barbells are also almost similar to studs but relatively longer and thicker earrings and are good enough to create a most subtle and sophisticated look on you.

Barbells usually have a straight rod with beads on either sides and are available in various sizes and variety of shapes. Various shapes of barbells can be curved barbells, partially circular and fully circular barbells besides in the shape of horseshoe bar earrings.

The horseshoe bar earrings can be used for anti helix, anti-tragus, cartilage of ear, lobe, conch and daith etc. These horseshoe bar earrings are also worn through various kinds of piercings such as:

  • Eyebrows
  • Helix
  • Labret i.e. lip
  • Nose i.e. nostril
  • Rook
  • Septum
  • Snake bites
  • Spider bite
  • Tragus piercings

In addition to above, industrial piercing is also liked and preferred by many women especially celebrities and models.

Industrial piercing requires two separate perforations in the upper cartilage which are usually located in the helix and anti-helix through which you can run an industrial bar earring to connect the two ear piercings.

Best metals for safe body piercings

Although healthy and hygienic body piercings prevent pain and inflammation besides development of infection, it is necessary to choose the best and most safe metal for the ornaments you plan to wear.

Nickel ornaments must be avoided as it is known to cause irritation and infection to many

Accordingly, the safe yet elegant looking metals can be:

  • Surgical stainless steel
  • Titanium
  • Niobium
  • Gold (Nickel-free)
  • Platinum
  • Aztec gold ( PVD)
  • Silver
  • Biocompatible Polymers
  • Glass

However, you may also consider tygon (a plastic material), acrylic and silicone options as well as sterling silver as options for earrings.

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