Want To Get Back Your Hacked Gmail Account? Here’s What You Can Do

Cant access to your Gmail account because it has been now hacked and you have no idea what to do about it. Well, many users get their account hacked and yes that is quite depressing, however, one can get back their account as Gmail provides various types of account recovery options to its users. Besides, there are good chances that your account’s password has been changed after it has been hacked and that there lies the biggest issue that is quite irritating.

But worry not as you can still recover your hacked account on Gmail without any issue as all you have to do is to reset the password. In addition, resetting a password is just a matter of few minutes as Gmail has provided its dedicated account recovery page through which you can retrieve access to your account. Therefore, read this post further and get to know about how to recover hacked Gmail account.

Steps To Retrieve Access To A Hacked Account On Gmail

Before you move further with your Gmail hacked account recovery, you should remember the important recovery details linked to your account such as phone number, email address, and security questions. Here’s how to recover hacked Gmail account.

  • At first move to the account recovery page of Gmail in your web browser and then scroll to the field where you are asked to enter the username/phone/email address of your account.
  • Now, hit the continue button and then you’ll prompted to enter the last remembered password of your Gmail account but if you don’t have it, then select the 'I Don't Know', link.
  • Next, go with the “Try Another Way' recovery link until you are asked to enter the email address or phone of your account and then you’ll be provided an account verification code.
  • Enter the code in the provided space and then hit the Verify button to confirm your identity as the account’s owner.
  • Finally, you’ll be prompted to enter a new password for your account and then confirm the changes.

How To Recover Hacked Gmail Account: Tech-Support Assistance

Therefore, you Gmail account will no longer be hacked but if you are still stuck with the aforementioned process, then contact the tech-support professionals to get assistance. The experts will surely help you out with the best information on how to recover hacked Gmail account.