The holiday is all about enjoying and spending cherish moments with your friends, family and beloved ones. It is the best time of the year when you can host countless parties without any workload stress. But sadly, parties and celebrations mean the beginning of undesirable stains on your luxurious rugs. For instance, who wants spilled drinks, food stains and foot traffic on the rug, but welcoming visitors means you are welcoming all such stains too. Whether its chocolate sauce, spilled cold drink or gooey gravy, there's always an excellent way to keep these holidays stains at bay.

Definitely, we are talking about considering professional Rugs Cleaning Services, but before that, you should try some practical tips to remove grime, dirt, dust and stains from luxurious rugs.

Let’s talk about those tips before we help you in finding the apt and professional rug cleaning company for you.

Tips for Rugs Cleaning in Holiday Season

You can try these tips to remove stains from your chic rug.

1- Determine Stain’s Rigorousness

The first and most important step is to identify the rigorousness of the stain correctly. For instance, it is somewhat extremely essential to assess how recent the stain it. For this, you need to check it the stained area of the rug is still damp or not. Before moving to the next step of rug cleaning, you should try to blot up the damp area.

Nevertheless, for the dry stain, you can try vacuuming it several times as it helps in removal of old scum. It is also recommended to use cold water for the removal of semi-solid stains. It ideally helps in reducing the severity of stain before you move to the next step.

2- Blot the Stain

As we mentioned earlier, blotting stain with cold water is one of the most effective remedies to kick-out semi-solid stains. But after that, wait until the carpet dries properly. This way; you can better determine your rug's condition. If using cold water entirely removes gooey gravy or drink's stain, then you don't need to go for further procedures. But, if the stain doesn't lighten as it should be, then you need to proceed further.

3- Create a Cleaning Mixture

You are a better judge, and only you can determine the current situation of your carpet. If you think using some basic remedies can resolve the issue then go for them. Otherwise, don't take the risk of damaging your expensive rugs because you can hire professional carpet/rug cleaning companies for this purpose.

You can create a mixture at your home by mixing half teaspoon of liquid dish wash and a cup of tepid water. We recommend you to check mixture's reaction on any of the obscure corners of the rug. Don’t rub the mixture on the rug as it is always better to apply it gently. It maintains your rug’s quality for a longer time. Work a soft brush or sponge in a wiping motion toward the stain’s centre.

No doubt, you can remove some basic stains by trying these tips. But you always need the assistance of professional cleaners for removing stubborn stains. Their expertise, skills and latest equipment not only bring precision in work but improve your rug’s quality for a longer time.

How to Find Professional Rug Cleaning Company

Don't worry if finding a professional rug cleaning company is challenging for you. Simply, follow all these useful tips to find out the most competent rug cleaning company for you.

  • Reliability

Most of the time, stubborn stains require immediate cleaning services. Otherwise, they can damage your rug. So, always look for the company that assures prompt, reliable and satisfactory services. We recommend you to narrow down the companies who always assure on-time services because you can't wait longer if your rug has some obstinate stains.

  • Expertise and Experience

It’s a fact that your experience speaks better than your words. So, don’t fall for words of mouth and prefer experience over anything else. A company with extensive experience better knows types of stains and how to deal with them perfectly. So, before you hire the company, check their previous work record and experience. Once you have evaluated all such things properly, make your final decision.

  • Tools and Equipment

The ultimate purpose of hiring the professional cleaning company is that they use the latest tools and equipment for phenomenal results. So, always choose a company with better technology and the latest tools.

Bottom Line

The fundamental purpose of the current discussion was to point up some of the most effective and budget-friendly tips to clean your rug at home. But remember, chic and classy rugs require special care and additional treatment. That's why; hiring a professional rug cleaning company is the ideal solution for the better maintenance of your rug's quality.

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