Fireplace surrounds, also known as Heaths are the boundaries that surround the main fireplace. The Heaths not only give a touch of elegance to your fireplace but also increases the real estate value of the overall property. Depending on the design, the fireplace surrounds can give your fireplace either an antique extravagant look or a modernized subtle yet sassy look.

The material used for making the fireplace surrounds is generally wood or marble. Fireplace surrounds made of stone are more sturdy and durable than Heath’s made of wood. The ones made from wood also need regular maintenance which can burn a hole in your pocket in the long run. Stone fireplace surrounds not only are visually pleasing and reliable but also give out a timeless appeal. It gives out a pleasant and inviting feel which makes your house more hospitable as it projects a warm and cozy atmosphere. Unlike other materials, stones have a natural tendency to retain heat hours after the fire has been put out which allows you to enjoy the heat even after the fire is extinguished.

Stone fireplace surrounds also give you the flexibility to customize your health according to your taste. With a variety of hues and types of stones, it's easy to make the fireplace surrounds According to your taste to compliment your home. The fireplace surrounds are also durable which saves you on your costs. It may lackluster unless polished but it doesn't chip easily. With stone fireplaces, you can make the design of your fireplace consistent with the design of your house. With Mont Surfaces, we provide you the best quality of stones that are carefully selected to suit your taste and give you the product that your standards ask for. Our specialized team of talented interior designers makes sure to select the best of stones that not only are of the best quality but also doesn't burn in your pocket.