Real Estate Appraisals for Commercial Property

Commercial real estate appraisal in Canada is a combination of art and science. The appraisal profession in Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal has developed a series of well-established analytical techniques; the value approach, income approach and sales comparison approach. The most appropriate approaches depend on the characteristics of the topic property. Knowledgeable commercial real estate appraisal Toronto gather and analyse data before making informed decisions about land value.

The cost approach is taken into account most applicable for commercial land appraisals for relatively new properties and special-use properties. Commercial appraisal Toronto are less likely to use the value approach for older properties thanks to the problem of precisely calculating the quantity of depreciation.

The income approach is taken into account most applicable for investment or income properties. Commercial real estate gather data regarding the particular income and expenses for the topic property, rental comparable, expense comparable, industry expense data, market occupancy, and rental market trends. The commercial land appraiser then estimates gross potential income, other income, effective gross income, operating expenses, and net operating income. Net operating income is changed to an indication of market value using a conversion factor called capitalization rate, using the formula:

Market value = net operating income/capitalization rate.

This process is termed direct capitalization.

Revenue and expenses are estimated for a period of years and therefore the resulting annual cash flows and gross proceeds from a projected sale of the property are discounted to a present value using a discount rate.

Commercial real estate valuation services also utilize the sales comparison approach to estimate market price. The sales comparison approach is usually considered most comparable for owner-occupied properties. After obtaining data regarding similar properties that recently sold, the appraiser makes adjustments to get a sign of market price for the topic property.

After considering each of the three approaches to appraisal and preparing an analysis for the approaches which are considered relevant, the appraiser reconciles the indications of value to a final value conclusion. When merging to a final value conclusion the quality and quantity of data for each of the approaches is considered.

Always be cautious when using any real estate appraisal method or appraiser services. There is No ideal formula and everyone is only nearly as good because the figures you plug into them so choose consistent with your requirement. Used wisely, though, land appraisal using capitalization rates is one among the foremost accurate methods. Most of the important commercial appraisal Montreal and Toronto are government authorized; some are non-authorized so check their license and diary before taking the services of land appraiser.

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