2 years ago, I worked in a multinational corporation (I won’t give the name here) as a senior content editor.

Every day, I and my colleague would always be excited to proofread the content or a new report format. And while we kept waiting sometimes, we were allowed to do anything.

I’m an avid book lover, internet surfer, and a passionate online game player.

We couldn’t sit idle while we didn’t have work because someone would walk by and see what we are doing.

My boss was very strict and he made sure we kept typing all day or do any productive work.

1) My never-ending love for games

Back in the 90s, there were not much internet games available which were interesting.

But today, the list of exciting online games is endless. Well, my lifelong passion for gaming has helped me a lot in life. I have become a better person.

Seriously, I’m not joking. Not only that, I found my life partner via games.

While I was waiting for my next document so that I can proofread it, I started browsing the internet and discovered a game that fits all of the necessary criteria which I love in a game.

Wealth Words is the name of the game-the online hub for crossword puzzles.

This crossword game played across the world was very popular among crossword lovers.

I have always been in love with free games and puzzles for adults, whether it is Ms. Pac Man or any other arcade classic.

I have tried to play as many games as possible in my life. Starting from the simple ones to the most challenging ones.

I might not have liked all of them but I have made sure, I tried all latest puzzle games online. But no game ever affected my life the way Wealth Words did.

While I was searching for free word find games online, I stumbled on WealthWords

As I started playing the best free word games online, I not only improved my vocabulary but also gained cognitive skills.

There was a guy I knew in the same office who had a love for word games. I introduced him to this amazing free online puzzle game.

To my surprise, he liked it way more than I did. Soon, we exchanged phone numbers and started having long WhatsApp chats.

We not only kept discussing the game tips but also about life and how life evolves in the universe.

2) The greatest online adventure of words

Over time, this person started becoming dear to me. He was single at that time and so was I.

We loved spending quality time with each other and playing puzzle games. And loved playing free word games no download.

We became best of friends, maybe with the potential for more. We kept discussing what love is and what an ideal relationship is.

Everything was going smooth when one day a problem popped up. His native place was 4,120 miles away. He was from another country having a different native language. This came as a shock to me.

Unlike many of my acquaintances, I’d never wanted to leave my home country even after getting married. I had no desire to move to a big city.

I was very happy with the life I had and the way everything was falling in place.

But when you find someone who is so similar to you and everything matches so perfectly, silly things like these don’t matter at all.

So, we finally told our parents about our relationship. Initially, both the families didn’t agree but the love we have for one another made them sure that we will live happily together forever.

They finally agreed!

And we got married.

3) My whole new world

Moving to a new country was a very strange and wonderful experience at the same time.

It was difficult as well as you lack the language skills. Many a time I felt isolated and struggled to communicate with people face to face.

English was not the first language of the natives so it was challenging for me to make them understand what I was saying. I used gestures while explaining.

Source: Online Crossword Puzzles

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