Every industry operates through complicated and lengthy processes that involve a lot of applications and equipment. The success of an industry results from the efficiency of the machinery and human resources' effort. As far as the setup and equipment are concerned, an industrial pump is an essential element that keeps the industrial process moving by transferring the industrial media from one place to another.

Different kinds of applications and fluids require different types of pumps. So, these pumps are available in a range of built and designs to transport varied media kinds. An industrial pump can be customized as per the nature of the application and the medium to be transferred. Therefore, some pumps are tougher than others in their built and functioning. Sludge, Wastewater, and Dewatering Pumps are three of such pumps, which are robust in their built as the fluids transferred through them are highly abrasive and viscous.

A Sludge Pump is used to transfer unclean fluids with a high percentage of solid contents. It is very similar to the Wastewater Pump (which is used to transfer wastewater - also abrasive in nature and high on solid waste contents) in its functioning as the nature of the media handled by both these pumps is highly similar, if not wholly same. These pumps are heavy in their built and use a high-powered pumping mechanism to move the liquid. These pumps are Progressive Cavity Pumps. They work through the circulation of rotors to carry the fluids through the cavities. Sludge pumps are widely used in applications catering to mining, steel procession, municipal sewer treatment, power generation, etc. In contrast, Wastewater Pumps are used to transfer wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher elevation place. They are also used to separate the sludge from the water and treat the sludge to generate renewable energy.

A Dewatering Pump is also similar to the Sludge and Wastewater Pump in terms of built and working. However, it differs from both these pumps in terms of its applications as it is used to remove the groundwater from a construction site to facilitate the smooth commencing of the construction process.

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