Move out of traditional financial systems & automate your Currency management with Business Central

Managing currencies & flexible reporting is vital for global businesses; Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central seamlessly handles multiple currencies & reports in Company & Reporting currencies.

Company currency is the operational Currency in which the statutory reports are managed. Reporting Currency plays a vital role if a company operates in multiple countries; it becomes more critical to review and report financial data in operational and reporting Currency. Document currency is the transactional Currency. It may be default currency or any other currency.

Currency features in Business Central

  • Manage & transact in multi-currencies, with variable exchange rates across the transactions & period.
  • Relational currency exchange rate enables you to manage the direct exchange rate with company currency & reporting Currency.
  • Auto-update the exchange rate using external online services regularly.
  • Auto calculates the forex gain or loss when an invoice or payment is applied.
  • Auto calculates unrealized forex gain & loss on open entries of assets and liabilities during month & year closing.
  • Report both in the company currency or reporting Currency, Customer and vendor statements in document currency.
  • Easily consolidate the financials across the companies.

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