A Republican Senator Ben Sasse issued a pointed rebuke about the GOP attempts to object 6th Jan to the Electoral College tally of the presidential election. He warned his colleagues against a dangerous ploy that could damage the nation’s civic traditions. Point to be noted that Sasse is a potential 2024 presidential contender. He posted a lengthy explanation of his views on social media, including a paragraph by paragraph dismantling of allegations of voter fraud in key states won by President-elect Joe Biden. Sasse said, “I will not be participating in a project to overturn the election. He said he wanted to explain why I have been urging my colleagues also to reject this dangerous ploy”. President Trump is the first US President to lose a reelection bid in almost 30 years.http://www.vindulacms.com/republican-senator-ben-sasse-criticized-gop-attempts-and-called-it-dangerous-ploy/