The aim of the business management course is to prepare an individual to work in a leadership position and in an ever-changing global environment. According to the academic experts, the global concept means advanced technology and multicultural situation that occupies a significant part in the business processes. As a result, businesses use the set of knowledge, skills, and ideas of their leaders to develop and sustain an organization. On the other hand, education and experience vary significantly from one leader to another, and different organizations need different sets of skills to succeed. While there is no classroom education to make a successful leader, a business management course is beneficial to any manager.

One significant benefit is that of attending to my assignments on time and prioritizing workload. The benefits of education and experience, which I have, began with my understanding on the principles of management. The design of instructions, the knowledge of instructor, and interactions as a learning process have significantly changed my life. For example, to achieve goals in any business, a leader must organize tasks and operations into business functions. They include production, sales, finance, and accounting. As a result, a manager must prioritize the workload. It makes it easy for me to meet deadlines because I develop a work schedule.

One element, which develops me, both professionally and personally, is my understanding of the management functions. Management functions are dynamic. As a result, the functions have to adjust regularly to meet the ever-changing business environment. For example, I understand that recognition of a manager in a group, in reference to large organizations, is diverse. It is because managers are appointed to oversee different functions at various levels. Additionally, in small organizations one manager is sufficient since it is easy to manage all the affairs. On the personal level, the management will refer to the group activity that I undertake to accomplish my personal goals. The experience, especially in emotional intelligence, exposes me to a key issue in the business managements and provides insight into relevant social and macro-economic variable affecting individuals at all the levels of society.

Benefit to my career is on the budgeting of my current organization. Budgeting, recording inventory, and organizing assets of a business are a huge achievement in my profession. Additionally, the education relating to such topics has not only had a positive influence on my career, but now I can develop personal lifestyle budgets, tracking my expenses and progress. On the other hand, I also acknowledge that management is a continuous process. As a result, I must mold my future with the skill I have. My goal is to be the CEO of Zanmi Lasante. The organization is a partnership project with the objective of providing health services to local communities. To attain this goal, I must set SMART goals. As a result, my first step is to graduate from school, gain work experience, and later climb through the management levels, after which I will aim for the CEO position.

Lastly, after gaining general skills of the project management, I knew that I need more rigorous and intelligent management style. Project Management is a management style with the methods and skills that determine the competitiveness and survival of a business in the global economy. As a result, I have a goal of attaining strong foundation in project management, the principles and practices of which I encounter in my profession. I will, therefore, attend an executive course of the project management after graduating.