The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a large federal agency that comes under the United States Department of Labor and responsible for inspecting and examining workplaces. The agency has federal powers that empower it to conduct an inspection of a workplace at any time. The agency also enacts necessary standards, rules, and regulations that ensure workplace safety and workers’ wellbeing. During OSHA inspections, if a workplace is found violating specific OSHA laws or standards, it may result in hefty fines for the owner and easily cripple a small business. An OSHA Attorney for Business helps in protecting businesses from OSHA violations.

OSHA Attorneys for Employers

Nearly all the workplaces in New York and other states are regulated for safety by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s rules and regulations. Workers may obtain rightful compensation if one of their employers, contractors, subcontractors, or property owners violates these guidelines and breaches safety protocols.

If you think your workplace is not complying with OSHA guidelines even during these tough times (COVID-19 epidemic), it is important that you seek help from a skilled legal team of lawyers to protect your rights and prevent any legal actions and fines against you.

Preventing OSHA Violations

The New York Department of Labor offers an On-Site Consultation Program which is free to businesses. It helps businesses and employers to recognize potential workplace hazards, improving workplace safety, and providing a safe and healthy work environment to their employees through professional assistance of Tremiti LLC.

Workplace injuries can be intimidating for employers. An employee can sue their employer or claim compensation under workers’ compensation laws. This program helps businesses in discovering and removing any hazards before they are issued citations or penalties.

An OSHA Attorney for business understands legal matters related to OSHA violations and effectively represent businesses in these matters. There are many legal firms that deal in the labor and employment area of law and they have attorneys to bring their knowledge and expertise in helping efficiently and effectively addressing any OSHA issue.

These law firms can help with creating safety programs and policies, training employees, appealing citations, and representing clients on the appeal of an OSHA notice. They offer tailored solutions after listening to specific concerns of their clients. You may consult with an OSHA attorney for business, if you have an OSHA issue. Contact - Tremiti LLC, they can help you navigate through the process and negotiate fines.