People enjoy eating stone crabs immensely. There are a number of great restaurants that serve Stone crabs and other seafood.
In these restaurants you will find a number of people just lost in the bliss of eating the stone crabs.

Once you eat stone crabs here, you are going to want to eat them everyday for every meal. So when you visit these restaurants, you will see almost everyone eating the stone crabs and amongst them, some people would be the first time eaters of the stone crabs.

You might be one of the latter, a first-time experiencer of the brilliant crab claws.

Ways to eat Stone Crabs:

If you think that you might be lost as to how you should go picking the best way to eat it because of the number of options available to you, let us help you.
So the best way to eat this delicacy would be to have it with sauce. Which sauce, you ask?

  1. Mustard sauce
    2. Mustard with Horseradish
    3. Shallot butter sauce

    While eating a stone crab, these are the best options. You can pick either of these three sauces to eat. The extra spice and a ting of sourness the mustard provides you feels great on the tongue.

    If you are not satisfied with just mustard, try out the mustard sauce with horseradish in it. The additional taste the horseradish gives the fresh crab meat might just be the thing that was missing from your life.

If mustard is not your thing, then the best thing for you is surely the shallot butter sauce. If you are afraid that a dairy product would be bad for you because you are lactose intolerant, well worry not, this sauce is dairy-free.

There are a lot of other things that you can try if by the impossible chance that these are not to your liking. But you are sure to love stone crab regardless of these things. And going to these restaurants to eat them will the best decision you ever made.

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