One such department is Human Resource Management. Here we will discuss how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central proves to be effective in this context.

How important is HR management for any company?

To put in a few words, Human Resource Management helps bridge a gap between the performance of the employees and the strategic growth of the organization. But that may be too technical, as the human resource technically works as the bridge between the company and the people taking care of each aspect of it. It increases the transparency between the administration and the workers and balances their synergy.

It has also been seen in a study that employee engagement is better when the onboarding process is better.

Hence it would not be wrong to say that HR Management is indeed something that a company should Pay attention to.

How can Microsoft Dynamics 365 help?

Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with its own HR Management functionalities that provides for a complete HR Management Solution.

HR Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central comes with all the functionalities that helps the HR department cope up with employee cycle, recruitment, employee administration, and employee development etc.

Additionally, the modular solution is freely scalable and can be used alongside any existing HR Management solution. In the following segment we will discuss how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and its functionalities help you manage your human capital.

What are the functionalities of HR Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central?

With HR Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central, managing the administration of the workforce which includes, but is not limited to, hiring, training and assessing an individual employee becomes easy and streamlines for your team. It makes it possible and convenient for the professionals to control the demanding and complicated HR processes, which makes staff administration precise. As a result, the company can live up to the growingly far-reaching, and complex needs for compliance, regulation and reporting.

The following are the functionalities of HR Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central:

  1. You can store retailed records of your employees.
  2. It streamlines your human resource management processes and helps you save considerable amount of time.
  3. The functionalities of Dynamics 365 Business Central help you register and maintain relevant employee information such as their qualification, contacts, and other confidential information.
  4. It also helps the professionals in the HR department to select and recruit potential candidates and share the information with the hiring team.
  5. The functionalities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central also help the HR staff get insights in to your employees’ professional development and provides and overview of their further education (if any). This allows them to make sure that a particular employee has finished their training course.
  6. You are entitled to a greater degree of security around the personal data of your co-workers.
  7. It also records the attendance of the employees which lets the team subsequently analyze the registered absence as needed.

Hence you are entitled to the following benefits:

  1. The relevant, and very important, personnel data is always available to the Human Resource department, no matter where they are, while the tight security features and role based client access makes sure that the information can be access by the authorized user only.
  2. The solution requires you to register and configure each employee with all the basic and relevant information which allows the professionals to allot different codes to employees. As a result, they can filter employee-specific information. Maintaining and updating employee information becomes convenient and streamlined.
  3. Dynamics 365 Business Central has been developed in such a way it easily and tightly integrated with other Microsoft solutions. Thus the payment rated, custom schedules and hiring process functionalities of your organization will work in sync with other Microsoft solutions, and their similar interface will reduce training time for your HR professionals.

Hence, it is in the best interest for your organization to count on HR Management in Dynamics 365 Business Central.


This article is about human resource management. It elaborated on how Microsoft Dynamics 365 is instrumental in making the Human Resource Management procedures simple and streamlined for the Human Capital department of your company.