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I started playing Tieba in 2008, and I saw "inflatable doll" for the first time in Tieba; in 2012, I tried "inflatable doll" for the first time; in 2013, I found a new "Entity Doll Bar" that was just built; I started to start with various physical dolls in 2015; Formally joined Junying Company in 2016.

In fact, since 2015, I have only 2 years of experience. Compared with all the ancestors in the doll industry and all kinds of bigwigs, I am insignificant, but I brazenly set up a "doll science network" at station B. In addition to giving I advertise myself, and hope to help some people who need to know about dolls.

Recalling the experience of the past two years, I can't help but blush, and I am fooling around, messing with science on the Internet, and submitting articles at station B. Two years have passed and nothing has been achieved. The business is a mess; the promotion is a mess; some of the things that have been announced are also eunuchs. For example, if you want to do "Bar Magazine" or "Doll Science Popularization Network", it sounds good, but it turns out to be a eunuch. I still have the face to scold Jiang Nan for not writing "Dragon Race 5", I didn't do anything myself... TAT crying...

I thought I would have spent my life in this life, but two days ago during the Chinese New Year, when I saw the daughters of various families in the village, they were lovely and attractive. I couldn't help thinking: I want a daughter! ! I want to fight! ! Ahem, it's far away...

[About China's physical doll industry]

Chinese entity dolls are divided into two categories: silicone manufacturers and TPE manufacturers. Simply put, silicone is a traditional material, very classic and very durable. TPE is a new and cost-effective material, which saves a little money in comparison and is more flexible than silicone. (I won’t do much science here)

At present, it is recognized that the best silicone manufacturer is "EXdoll" in Dalian. Among other things, there is a Baidu post bar called: "Entity doll bar" has been occupied by the ex party, and a physical doll is born and played as "EX photography bar" , This is sufficient evidence.

EXdoll is not only the earliest manufacturer in China, but also his "national daughter Xiaodie" is also the most popular physical doll on the Internet. Even I myself like Fluttershy very much. EX’s silicone dolls have exquisite makeup and are very photogenic, which are loved by the majority of baby shooting parties.

In addition to EXdoll, there are two domestic silicone entity doll manufacturers, such as Shenzhen "Yiren" and Nanning "Sanhui". They are not so well-known. I will not introduce them here. When the "Doll Science Network" is completed, they will be released. Details of these two

The oldest domestic TPE manufacturer is Zhongshan "Golden San", and the most popular TPE manufacturer is Dongguan "Junying"

I still remember that year (I don't remember exactly which year, it was probably before 2009) The big brothers of "Xin Zhongyi" found the "Jin San Costume Model and Prop Factory" and asked Jin San to produce TPE entity dolls on his behalf. One year later, Jinsan began to produce and sell TPE entity dolls independently. It can be said that Jin San was guided by Xinzhongyi as a doll. But now the momentum of Xinzhongyi is not as good as Jinsan.

Anyway, Jinsan is the earliest TPE manufacturer in China

Junying was actually founded in 2015. I had just entered the physical doll industry that year. Junying and I were good friends and watched her grow. The growth rate of Junying is quite terrible. From 2015 to 2017, from no factory to factory, from no brand to brand, from no popularity to popularity. It is a well-deserved dark horse in the physical doll industry


In 2013-2014, there were not too many people playing dolls, just too lonely and too rich to play.

At that time, everyone was most enthusiastic about importing "Oriental Industries" or "Yoshiki" dolls from Japan.

At that time, EXdoll was deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and manufacturers such as Yiren, Sanhui, and Jinsan were just emerging. Only "Zhongwa.com" in China can discuss physical dolls. At this time, the price of dolls is more than 10,000!

I call this year the period of enlightenment.

In 2015, the number of people playing with dolls began to increase rapidly

The entity doll bar has become the largest doll exchange platform in China, and it has also promoted "Xianyu" to become a popular platform for second-hand entity doll transactions. This year, the baby bar was in harmony. Everyone supported genuine products, resisted small manufacturers, discussed enthusiastically, and expressed their opinions. . At this time, the price of silicone dolls is more than 10,000, but the price of TPE dolls is already around 8,000

I call this year the development period.

In 2016, manufacturers began to increase rapidly

Hundreds of factories are in bloom, and 10,000 factories are on the ground. You can't count how many new tpe factories have been started this year, ten? Twenty?

There are more manufacturers, and more and more dolls are sold. The QQ groups of various physical dolls created by sellers are becoming more and more popular. The once harmonious physical dolls have become a battlefield. Everyone wants to make an advertisement.

At this time, the price of dolls has fallen below 5,000, and only brand manufacturers can maintain prices above 7,000. The entire physical doll industry is filled with the smoke of war, which is hard to say.

New manufacturers don’t have time to design new products, so they just take over and copy products from old manufacturers. Just like the mobile phone industry, there are thousands of yuan brand phones on the top and hundreds of yuan copycats on the bottom. The same is true in the physical doll industry, even if I don't bother to take pictures, I directly cut other people's pictures for use.

This year, I call it the flood period.

In 2017, manufacturers have grown to a limit, and it seems that they have stopped growing.

The physical doll industry is like a pile of firewood. The fire burns to the maximum and then it cools down. There are no more new factories. Small manufacturers and new manufacturers are facing a fatal problem: No matter how low the price of dolls is, they can’t be sold.

Many merchants also faced the problem of high competition and the inability to sell their dolls, which directly killed a large number of retailers.

The colleague's summary of this year is this: China's physical doll market is expanding, but there are many new manufacturers, which makes people feel that this market is too small. Demand exceeds supply.

This year, I saw that my former colleagues have all left the physical doll industry.

This year, I have been discussing a topic with my colleagues and friends every day: Every day there are some hanging silks to ask various questions, and bargaining, which exhausts the seller, but finally does not buy it. Leave a sentence to buy at the end of the year. Away.

This year, I saw that some manufacturers’ prices exceeded 3,000, and they often sold more than 2,000. There is no quality assurance, no after-sales service. It seems that the physical doll has become a kind of rotten street thing, what is it like? Yes, like cabbage in a vegetable market.

At this time, the price of dolls has become a mystery, and people who don't know the industry dare not buy easily. The doll in the same picture has a price tag of 10,000, or 5,000. For small manufacturers, the price is 3,000. In the same picture, you buy a silicone doll for 10,000 yuan, and a TPE doll for 3,000 yuan. It makes people feel back to the era of inflatable dolls.

This year, I call it the cooling-off period.

--to sum up--

A few years ago, physical dolls were originally played by a very niche group in China, but with the development of the group, the market demand is increasing and there are more and more manufacturers. Manufacturers use the form of popular science knowledge to develop a larger market, and more and more people understand physical dolls.

The increase in market demand caused a war among manufacturers, and the entire market was messed up. There are 10,000-yuan brand dolls on the top and thousand-yuan cottage dolls on the bottom. Copy products and copy products emerge in endlessly, and many manufacturers steal other people's pictures.

In the new year of 2018, there are still new people who are constantly in demand for popular science coming in. The question everyone asks is no longer: "What is a physical doll?"; instead, "Who should I trust with so many doll manufacturers?"

Although the number of manufacturers has increased, the physical dolls are still the same, there is no new development in technology, and no one is willing to develop.

The skeleton is still the same as the skeleton design, at least more than a dozen skeletons are the same. The materials are still silicone and TPE, and no manufacturer has invented new materials. The weight of the doll is still so heavy, even everyone is the same 35kg, no one has studied reducing weight.

Many manufacturers engage in the gimmick of "smart robots". In fact, the dialogue function is not as good as the QQ Xiaoice on the mobile phone and the 360 chat maid, and the mobility is not as good as the excavator used by children.


Brand is still the main route, the price will not drop too low, more manufacturers will do a good job of branding

Robots and so on in ten years to see if there are any breakthroughs, the robots in "Human Shape Computer Angel Heart" may not be seen before I die. I can’t do it even if I see it (funny)